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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM
Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM


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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM is a solution provided by TimeDoc Health which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Remote Monitoring (RPM), DIY Care, Chronic Disease Management, and Care Management.
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TimeDoc allows you to easily stay connected with your patients’ health, both inside and outside the office. We combine remote care services, an EHR-integrated patient dashboard, and easy-to-use devices like self-monitoring blood pressure devices to create a robust and scalable solution designed for all healthcare organizations — and even their most tech-averse patients.

TimeDoc software seamlessly works with the electronic health record system you’re already using. Patient-submitted vitals will automatically be available within the patient’s health record. Our software trends patient vitals over time and alerts providers when readings are outside of the patient’s approved range, allowing clinical teams to determine the best course of treatment.

And if you’re worried you’ll need more staff to make RPM happen, don’t be. TimeDoc Health goes beyond software solutions by offering comprehensive staff augmentation services. We can supplement your care management staffing or fully outsource your remote patient monitoring program.

  • 15%: Improvement in blood pressure control*
  • 90%: Patient retention in Virtual Care Management programs**
  • $167: Per patient, per month in reimbursements
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Founded in 2015

58.2M total equity funding



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