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Market Console & Advanced Analytics

Market Console & Advanced Analytics

Market Console & Advanced Analytics

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Market Console & Advanced Analytics
Market Console & Advanced Analytics


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Market Console & Advanced Analytics is a solution provided by Prolucent. It belongs to the digital health solution Provider Directory.
It has 4 verified clients.
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The data to plan for today and the future

The most up-to-date local, regional, and national healthcare recruitment market intelligence and real-time employment data in the industry.

  • Strengthen your talent acquisition and retention strategies with real-time market data
  • Assess market positioning to better understand competition and maintain a competitive edge
  • Determine effective spend tactics to maximize marketing spend for the greatest ROI
  • Compare recruitment efforts against real-time contingent labor utilization to prioritize focus and reduce costs
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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

Competitive Market Intelligence

  • See a complete, real-time picture of your competition's recruitment activity
  • Research key attributes of competitive postings to set strategy
  • Access real-time local and national pay rates and signing bonuses
  • Actively track new postings and closed positions within your market

Realtime Market Intelligence

  • Determine average time-to-close postings for each title in a market
  • Compare qualifications requirements to other market postings
  • Analyze supply and demand by title and market
  • Analyze and track incentive-based compensation
  • Assess other key attributes of active postings versus the market

Market Hiring Reports

  • Access hiring reports for each title or employer in a market
  • Distribute market hiring reports to key stakeholders in the organization

Out of Market Recruitment Tools

  • Determine markets with a likely surplus of candidates by title
  • Target markets where recruitment is most likely to succeed
  • Analyze out-of-market employer peer groups relevant to the organization

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