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LiberEat Allergen Error Detection Technology

LiberEat Allergen Error Detection Technology

LiberEat Allergen Error Detection Technology

LiberEat Allergen Error Detection Technology
LiberEat Allergen Error Detection Technology


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LiberEat Allergen Error Detection Technology is a solution provided by LiberEat which was founded in 2016. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Risk Identification & Stratification, Coordinated Community Networks, Oncology, End-of-Life Care, and Care Management.
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LiberEat has developed a unique technology for organisations with catering responsibilities, which significantly reduces risk of injuries to customers, and of product recalls resulting from incorrect allergen and other information on food labels and menus. The technology extremely accurately identifies errors automatically in allergen and other information in food labels and supplier data and is a material advance over current food industry QA processes which rely on human checks. In the last 6 months alone the technology has alerted large food businesses to 700+ undeclared allergens on product labeling, supplier and menu information, which were missed by their existing safety and QA processes.
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Use cases and differentiators

Preventing allergen related injuries to patients, visitors and staff from catering operations. 

Protects children as well as adults with medical dietary requirments

Catering departments

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Competitors offer manual checking processes which are much less effective and more costly and time consuming. These audits only look at data on the systems at a single point in time while LiberEat protects continously. 

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Founded in 2016



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