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Digital Whiteboard is a solution provided by SymTech Solutions which was founded in 1982. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinical Communication, Human Capital Management , and Smart Rooms.
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As a hospital full of patients, it is important to stay on top of critical information for the betterment of those you assist. With the fast pace of working in a hospital, doctors and nurses may find it challenging to keep track of deadlines, reminders, and other timely information. Digital whiteboards allow staff to set reminders on critical tasks involved in patient care, an essential factor for the health and wellness of those they serve. When the reminders expire staff can be alerted via mobile devices or other digital whiteboards like the nurse station and hallway board.

Communication between departments within a hospital must be a top priority, especially if a patient requires care from multiple teams. With everyone focused on different aspects of their work, it may be difficult to communicate across care teams without implementing digital solutions. Our advanced whiteboards allow staff members to request assistance from across departments, whether it has to do with receiving help, updating patient information, EVS, or anything else!

Since a patient's health and wellness are a top priority, it is important to have access to patient updates in real time. Our digital whiteboard solutions allow staff to update patient information across any whiteboard — nurse station, in room, or hallway — to make communication as simple as can be. Information can include precautions, room status, notes, and much more!

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