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AristaMD eConsult Platform

AristaMD eConsult Platform

AristaMD eConsult Platform

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AristaMD eConsult Platform
AristaMD eConsult Platform



Avia Summary

AristaMD eConsult Platform is a solution provided by AristaMD which was founded in 2013. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, and Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous).
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AristaMD eConsult Platform integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Athenahealth.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about AristaMD eConsult Platform include: A buyer’s guide to conversational AI and A Buyer’s Guide to Virtual Visits
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Product capabilities

Diagnosis & Documentation

EHR integration and/or PDF import/export of patient documentation including signed, timestamped recommendations from specialists. The provider has the ability to review, confirm of revise diagnosis and treatment. The eConsult specialist provides escalation and interim care plans when appropriate within the eConsult. Photo and video applications are available for usage with eConsults.

What is diagnosis & documentation?
Ability to leverage existing patient demographic/medical info. Support for documentation within the EHR. Auto-generation of clinical documentation. Review, confirm, or revise diagnosis, treatment options (including escalation to a higher acuity care setting), and care plan in a timely manner and within existing provider workflow tools. Photo integration, recording integration, and ability to push AVS to patient portal.
EHR integration


Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, Other

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

Use case dependent

EMRs Supported:

Epic, Cerner, Athenahealth, Other

Hardware Compatibility:

Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized)


AristaMD’s eConsult Platform empowers primary care providers with clinical work-up checklists and the ability to conduct eConsults with specialists to collaborate on care plans in a matter of hours.
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Use cases


Asynchronous, physician-to-physician communication about a patient’s current condition leverages the expertise of a physician specialist.

Pediatric use cases:

eConsults can be used for primary care providers to obtain guidance from pediatric specialists.


PCPs (Advanced practitioners), referral coordinators, and nursing staff obtain timely recommendations on treatment pathways.


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
  • Training and launch are typically achieved in less than 30 days
  • ROI achieve within 30 days of launch
  • Minimal IT support for the launch and usage of the platform
  • Reduces referral routing and follow-up burden for hospital 
  • eConsult management is available using AristaMD's Registered Nurse Navigators via a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.
  • System agnostic/interoperable
  • EHR Integration is available but not required
  • Use your specialists or the AristaMD panel to respond to eConsults
Differentiators vs Competitors:
  • High-quality eConsults that replace 70% of the need for face-to-face specialist visits 
  • Quality monitoring based on KPIs defined by clients - new diagnosis, influenced care plan, replaced visits, cost savings, etc.
  • Asynchronous consultation using the patient's case history (compared to curbside consultation with no PHI) results in better diagnosis and treatment recommendations
  • Partnered with national health insurance providers (BCBS, Cigna, UHC, etc.).
  • Licensed specialists are available to support Medicaid and Medicare use cases. 
  • 10+ years in operation 
Company information

Founded in 2013

36.9M total equity funding


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