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Genoa Clinical Services is a solution provided by Genoa Healthcare which was founded in 1999. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Management, Medication Management, and Diabetes Management.
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**We are the industry leader in providing pharmaceutical care management.** The pharmacist’s role in providing pharmaceutical care management for complex, high risk patients is more critical than ever. Pharmaceutical care was literally borne and promulgated by our founders, and our services are based on that foundation. It was our work that led to proving the ROI on medication management services, which led to the design of payor benefits, including for Medicare and Medicaid. We epitomize pharmaceutical care in our services every day - it is woven into our culture and operations. Others try to emulate us, but we see ourselves in a very different category than the other MTM vendors. Every day our pharmacists build real relationships with patients based on knowledge, trust and a partnership where together, the patient and pharmacist identify, prevent, and resolve drug therapy problems. Patients who engage with our pharmacists immediately recognize the value of their “personal pharmacist.” **Our services are not a one-size-fits-all.** We are nimble and proud to provide services and products that are tailored specifically for a client. We address what’s most important to you. From our inbound call, Ask a Pharmacist program, to our high-touch Comprehensive Medication Management program, each solution can be customized to meet your needs. This approach fits in well with our Genoa Healthcare culture and way of doing business. Take our pharmacy business for example. We are the 5th largest pharmacy in the nation, yet we have still maintained our tailored approach to each partner we have, as evident by providing multiple solutions such as different packaging types, refill reminders, mailing or delivering prescriptions, med sync, and assistance with prior authorizations. **Our technology is the most clinically robust MTM platform in the industry.** The Nexus Pharmaceutical Care System is our proprietary, workflow-based platform built to support pharmacists and other clinicians in providing best-in-class Pharmaceutical Care Management. Nexus interacts with our Asset Builder tool, a Visio-based rules engine that allows us to easily update or customize workflows to best suit your needs. Whether clinical guidelines have changed, new business requirements are identified, or reporting elements are needed, our workflows are easily adaptable. The Nexus platform: • offers a longitudinal electronic record with a **360° view of the patient** • supports multiple clinical programs including P**art D MTM, EMTM, med rec, adherence, and more** • provides clinical decision support and **personalized care plans** • **interoperates** with other systems (like EMRs, Care Management platforms, ADT feeds, etc.) • supports **several data feeds** such as demographics, prescription, medical claims, lab data • **accepts real-time HL7** notifications from connected hospital and HIE systems • communicates with providers and **tracks drug therapy problem resolutions** • interacts with an advanced telephony system that **optimizes our outreach**
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Use cases and differentiators

Our typical pharmaceutical care management approach is focused on patients living with multiple, complex chronic conditions.  While this does not commonly include adolescents, the way we manage drug therapy and provide patient care does not change based on age.  We believe for the right, high risk population, medication management would be an extremely valuable service for pediatrics where we can make a positive impact.
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The Nexus Pharmaceutical Care System is the most clinically robust MTM platform in the industry. In fact, we’ve gotten that feedback from auditors as well as other MTM vendors. It is a workflow-based platform designed to look and feel like a longitudinal, electronic health record. It maintains all clinical and program-based information within a chart, giving users a 360-degree view of each patient. Nexus supports all clinical programs and interventions, including (but not limited to): Medicare’s Part D Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program, Enhanced MTM, adherence, gaps in care, transitions of care, medication reconciliation post-discharge, and more. Nexus enables the ability to consistently apply the highest levels of clinical expertise to medication management with: 1) User-friendly nature of Nexus, accessible to all different types of users, 2) Data exchange and interoperability required to provide effective and coordinated care, 3) In-house analytical rules engine used to drive complex member targeting and risk stratification, 4) Clinical and administrative operational processes via tasks, workflows, and communication tools, and 5) Reporting and analytics necessary to measure individual and team performance, demonstrate an ROI, and meet regulatory requirements.
Nexus supports the delivery of comprehensive medication management services and the administration of a variety of clinical programs. Nexus meets all requirements of the Medicare Part MTM Program; in which we’ve continued to achieve 100% passing rates for all data validation audits. Special features: • Responsive, secure, browser-based application that works across many devices and platforms • A core electronic medical record (EMR) functionality • Intelligent, automated patient goal setting and drug therapy monitoring, enabling goals of drug therapy to be set for the circumstances of each individual patient • Directed, smart, configurable clinical and administrative workflows to ensure efficient medication management program delivery and focused evaluation and categorization of drug therapy problems and subsequent care plan creation • Medication therapy tailored clinical decision support content and authoring tools to create additional customized decision support content • Links to standardized code sets for all content (SNOMED, ICD-10, RxNorm) • Real-time data integration interface with a leading third party provider data source provides up-to-the-minute updates of provider information • Queues, tasks, appointments and actions direct activities of role based users for efficient program administration • Highly customizable and flexible document and template generation engine, builds to Microsoft products • Automated outbound and inbound electronic facsimile transmission with tasks for management of failed transmissions and processing of inbound facsimiles for action and attachment to the patient profile • Technical flexibility for interface with information exchanges and external applications and EMRs The solution is intuitive, user-friendly, and requires minimal training as it facilitates intelligent workflows to guide patient care.
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