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Krames on FHIR

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Our innovative FHIR delivery helps reduce clicks, improve clinical workflows, and patient outcomes! It recommends relevant information based on the patients conditionsmedications, and procedures.

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Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, Patient portal, Community based organizations

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Epic, Cerner

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In early 2017, Epic introduced the Epic App Orchard, which opened up their platform to developers to create apps that use SMART and FHIR technology to integrate into Epic. This is an evolution to the traditional quarterly update integration that Epic began offering a number of years earlier.

In developing Krames On FHIR, Krames’ Product Team conducted many interviews with existing clients to see what were their “pain points” and looked for suggestions to improve upon or eliminate those pain points. The Krames On FHIR results have been truly impressive:

Benefits for Patients

· Provide the right content in the right format to the patient anywhere along their healthcare journey from Discovery to Recovery and beyond!

· Access easy to understand content on thousands of topics in English and Spanish, with content available in up to 15 additional languages and over 1,450 videos

· Gain knowledge and tools to effectively adhere to treatment plans, take medications properly, and self-manage conditions outside the health system to reduce readmissions

· Receive suggested patient education content, customized by their physician, in their preferred format - print, digital or video – accessible through their MyChart Patient Portal, Bedside or Mobile app with the ability to revisit or share the education with loved ones and care givers

· Pre/post procedure automated education via SMS to improve outcomes and ensure medication adherence.

Benefits for Clinical Teams

· Access to regularly updated patient education in clear, plain language developed using Krames evidence-based methodologies in multiple modalities

· Suggest the most relevant encounter education (including our vast video collection) to reduce clinical efforts and clicks.

· Deliver Krames patient education to your patients through MyChart Portal, Bedside or Mobile app or even through your Care Plans teaching points

· View the dates of the education materials that the patient has previously received and see how the patient has interacted with the content

· Improve clinical workflows by reducing the number of clicks and making patient education easier to find via suggested content, personal favorites and organizational or departmental folders

· Providing multiple formats of education (print, video, digital, etc.) addressing SDOH issues and positively affecting HCAHPS

Benefits for IT Teams

· Eliminate quarterly uploads of patient education, reducing the technical resources needed for maintenance and support

· Piloted Epic’s Tesseract with Epic to reduce and simplify API integrations

· Adhere to the latest industry standard SMART on FHIR API standards

· Facilitate implementation using our pre-approved app

· Follow a detailed project plan and how-to guide for implementation, provided by EPIC

· Adhere to regulatory requirements, as the application allows clinicians to share information to the Patient Portal and write data back into the EHR

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Use cases


Recognizing the need for immediate, reliable coronavirus education, we mobilized our resources to develop a coronavirus content package. We’ve follow CDC guidance while expediting clinical content reviews, translations, and coding as we’ve expanded offerings for Krames On FHIR and Krames On-Demand (12 HealthSheets, translated for 7 languages, and 10 videos for adult and pediatric audiences).

COVID-19 use cases:

Krames on FHIR delivers the most up-to-date education so enables clinicians to provide the most relevant patient education with most current guidelines on a day to day basis!

Pediatric use cases:

We have multiple Children's hospitals using Krames on FHIR- especially for our abilty to leverage our exclusive relationship with Kid's Health and their video collection!


Houston Methodist amongst 30+ others.  


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

Unparalled, proven FHIR app

Differentiators vs Competitors:

1. **FHIR experience** - Krames On FHIR is a proven solution that addresses an organization’s patient education gaps. Krames has over 30 live clients and anothr 20 in different stages of implementation with thousands of clinicians who are using Krames On FHIR every day! No other patient education vendor can say that. Plus, we’ve developed repeatable best practices to prevent delays, reduce risks, and eliminate disruptions during implementation.

2. **Breadth and depth of expertise** - Krames brings to clients more than 40 years of experience focused on health care education, clinical workflow solutions, and positive patient outcomes - all rooted in the science of behavior change. We have internal experts experienced in health care regulations and risks who understand that evidence-based, clinically validated content - updated in real-time through FHIR technology - enables quality clinical education and speed to market for your organization.

3. **Direct to Patient automated education**- Our Direct To Patient automated education extends our Krames patient education outside of the four walls/portal and into the patients pocket! Pre/post procedure education, medication education and adherence, medications savings, and wellness to improve outcomes.

4. **Ease of use** - Upon conducting many hours of clinician focus groups, we created Krames On FHIR for seamless integration into the EHR workflow. It's a strategically developed application with a modern, initiative user interface that enhances the clinical workflow.

Company information

Founded in 1978

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