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WebMD One is a solution provided by Krames which was founded in 1978. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Personalized wellness, Personal Health Records (PHR), Consumer Insights, and Home Health.
It has 7 verified clients.
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Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about WebMD One include: Q&A with Brennan Stratton of Krames: Education as a core component of care and Top Patient Education Companies Report | 2023

WebMD ONE is the corporate wellness program that brings together the most comprehensive set of integrated core solutions and services. Our personalized assessment tools and health coaching programs, hassle-free reporting, apps and device integration, challenges, rewards and customized communications guide consumers to smarter decisions, improved outcomes and real behavior change.


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Use cases and differentiators

National Sports Management Company with one large corporate office

Challenge: They were new to well-being programs and wanted a partner that could help them be successful.

Solution: We developed a comprehensive well-being program that supported everything from account management to rewards fulfillment—including dedicated customer support, a communications plan, and more—to make their introduction to well-being easy.


Challenge: They launched their program during the pandemic and needed to overcome social distance challenges.

Solution: We sent each eligible participant an at-home biometric screening kit and designed wellness challenges that kept people socially connected.


Challenge: They wanted to support more than just their employees—they wanted spouses to participate in the program, too.

Solution: We designed a rewards and incentive strategy, communications plan, and other initiatives that included both employees and their spouses in the well-being program.

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WebMD ONE provides a personalized well-being experience for everyone in your organization. Choose from our Well-Being Solutions, Engagement Services, and Program Success Solutions to motivate, attract, engage, and retain employees. Plus, WebMD ONE can integrate your vendors and internal resources within the platform, so everything you offer to your employees can be accessed in one easy-to-use place.

1. **Education** - We know that people process health information differently than other information. That’s why our education materials incorporate health literacy principles while addressing the five stages of behavior change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance) to facilitate both use and comprehension. Gamification, video, and quiz options help reinforce these materials, and these materials provide the same education given by more than 1,500 hospitals and health systems every day. 2. **Goal Setting** - We’re able to get the right people into the right programs at the right time. Health coaches—via chat, text, or phone—and on-site staff understand where each individual is in their wellness journey, as well as their readiness to make health changes. These coaches use the concept of cognitive behavioral therapy to help people make small changes first—e.g., walking for five minutes, practicing deep breathing for two minutes, reducing soda consumption by a few ounces. By using goal setting and milestones appropriate to each employee’s readiness for change, coaches can establish achievable improvement markers and support sustained momentum, which lead to major changes in lifestyle risks. 3. **Support and accountability** - We use program utilization data to determine the most appropriate communication channels and most effective messaging for each segment of the employee population. We also provide multiple levels of support, including access to team members, coaches, on-site staff, and a network of more than 100,000 physician experts. We create accountability by using peer-reviewed research on incentives to design a program that drives behavior change and lifestyle risk reduction.

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Founded in 1978


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