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AccendoWave Remote Monitoring - Pain Measurement & Pain Management Technology

AccendoWave Remote Monitoring - Pain Measurement & Pain Management Technology

AccendoWave Remote Monitoring - Pain Measurement & Pain Management Technology

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Benchmarking Pain Data with Machine Learning Technology

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AccendoWave - the only company that can remotely monitor pain. Pain is the #1 reason for a hospital readmit.

A Health Equity Solution - AccendoWave Benchmarks Pain Data with Machine Learning Technology. AccendoWave does real-time objective individual assessment of patient pain. For use with telemedicine (as you see only have the patient and loose all the non verbal pain cues), Hospital at Home, Home Care, Clinic or Urgent Care site.

AccendoWave utilizes full spectrum brain analysis and deep learning algorithms to objectively measure pain. We have the largest Global Real-Time Benchmarked Pain Database. 

Health care has a pain bias problem. Pain is one of the most subjective measures in all of medicine - and thus subject to bias. There is an extensive body of research that shows bias: women and pain, ethnicity and pain, and seniors and pain. For many in these groups - their #1 complaint is that their pain isn't believed. An unbiased medical technology which can validate patient pain is critical given Provider Health Equity pledges.

Individual patient pain can be validated and compared to a pain database for use with pain care pathways. 

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Use cases


1. Hospital at Home initiatives 2. Keeping COVID patients out of the hospital while monitoring progression. 3. Manage non COVID patients with chronic or pre-existing risk factors. 4. Home care initiatives. 5. Telehealth 2.0 Remote Monitoring.

COVID-19 use cases:

Remote patient pain monitoring is a significant COVID-19 tool. Chronic pain patients may be more susceptible to COVID-19 and chronic opioid therapy may cause immune suppression in some patients. COVID-19 "long haulers" can have chest pain and joint pain that linger for months. 

Pediatric use cases:

AccendoWave technology can be used to remotely monitor pain in pediatric patients at home. 


AccendoWave technology can be used to monitor and measure pain in adult and pediatric patients. 


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

AccendoWave is the only company that can remotely objectively measure individual patient pain. The technology can be used in the hospital and to remotely monitor and manage patient pain at home or in non acute care settings.

Differentiators vs Competitors:

AccendoWave has the largest global database on pain and offers the only remote pain monitoring solution.

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Founded in 2012


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