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Motovate is a solution provided by Motovate Ltd which was founded in 2017. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
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Motovate is a white label app platform that allows healthcare providers to see the availability of their health professionals who want to work on demand or who want to make a career change within the organisation The app’s strength is in its simplicity. Motovate uses location features which means you can search, locate, select and connect with our registered health professionals who fits your resource and recruitment need. The app is designed to deliver a flexible network, reduce downtime and deliver a quick response.
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We use technology to create economic opportunity for workers, reduce dependency and cost of agency labour for our clients. Motovate is based round true mobility, its exclusively designed for mobile devices. We build bespoke apps that deliver efficiency and engagement to our client’s workforce. Motovate is an on demand HR and recruitment platform for Android and IOS. It allows businesses to create an internal and external resourcing marketplace. Workers slide a simple ‘toggle’ button to control their availability status. With just 3 clicks manager’s can find who is available to work overtime. The platform enables management see real time availability and location of colleagues or candidates who wish to work extra shifts or find a new job
Motovate’s USP is based round true mobility, its exclusively designed for mobile devices. Developed using React Native it exploits the extensive features of today's smartphones. Ranging from geo location to the integrated camera. The competition’s products are based on a desk top solution, which in our opinion, is not a true reflection of today’s always connected requirement. The motovate value proposition has been constructed round a ‘white label’ model. Each app is bespoke to the client. They don’t share their access with anyone else. As the platform is modular, we clone an existing app and change the design and features to meet the clients brief. This is evident from the apps we have created for NHS, DHL and Accor which are all subtly different but don’t generate a cost to Motovate. There is a ‘pool’ of developed options which can be constantly recycled.
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