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Stroke Care Management

Stroke Care Management

Stroke Care Management


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Stroke Care Management is a solution provided by Stroke Link Health, Inc.. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Management, ED-based Mental Health Interventions, and ED-based SUD Interventions.
The current stroke care model, which is how even the highest and most sophisticated comprehensively certified programs operate, is too fragmented, focuses on just the first few days of care, and is extremely costly due to its reactive care setup. While patients receive top-notch emergent and initial inpatient care today at certified programs, nationally, 85% of strokes have acute care complications, readmission occurs in 13% of stroke cases, 20% of patients have a recurrent stroke within 90 days, and risk factor control for key elements (such as blood pressure, diabetes, and medication control) is at most 45% of post stroke patients. Stroke Link Health was created to address these issues and improve patient outcomes. With our model, we also save thousands of dollars in care per patient from providing coordinated, longitudinal team dynamics wrapped around the patient and family. In contrast to the current stroke model, Stroke Link Health offers an advanced model that links the care continuum, focuses on long-term patient outcomes and engagement, and reduces cost with proactive care management. We are designed as a true integrated stroke practice unit (ISPU). We engineer telehealth-enabled, collaborative teams called Stroke Central (hospital-based) and Stroke Mobile (home- and virtual-based post-acute and chronic care service). These teams unite the acute, post-acute, and chronic care continuum using a protocolized and proprietary care management and education model that wraps around the patients and families for 12 months. It is true longitudinal care.
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