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Benefit Screening


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Benefit Screening is a solution provided by Advocatia Solutions, Inc. which was founded in 2016. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Revenue Cycle Management, Nutrition Support, Comprehensive Perinatal Care, and Health Equity.
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We know reaching out for help isn’t easy for patients. That’s why Advocatia makes the process of finding the coverage and resources available as simple as possible through our powerful technology and proven processes that connect patients and their families with the right national, local, and hospital programs or affordable health insurance options. Unlike full-service revenue cycle management companies that offer a broad spectrum of services, Advocatia has established deep experience and an in-depth understanding around complex specialty benefits and financial assistance enrollment. We know the programs. We know how to identify those who qualify. And we know how to get them enrollment as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Advocatia Benefit Screening solution combines a powerful screening tool the uncovers all potential programs available to the patient with an engaging communication tool called Benefit Text that streamlines the processes, eliminates unnecessary follow-up appointments, and removes the friction when communicating with patients. By ensuring each patient has the coverage they qualify for, we reduce uncompensated care, decrease bad debt, improve performance, and help hospitals reach their financial goals. Whether we arm a hospital’s team or deploy ours, Advocatia streamlines the intake process and makes the financial assistance experience more efficient for the hospital and for their patients. At the core of our solutions is a state-of-the-art technology that ensures all eligible individuals receive the health coverage they qualify for, including Federal programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP, programs through the Health Exchange Marketplace, and other state, local and hospital-specific resources.
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Founded in 2016

$440,000 total equity funding



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