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EmmaWell App is a solution provided by EmmaWell. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Chronic Disease Management, Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Screening, and Behavioral Health Integration.
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Users get ACOG-recommended anticipatory guidance via text messages and checklists, mental health screening and support, and perinatal education and planning all at the tip of their fingers via our free mobile app.
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Use cases and differentiators

Our comprehensive digital program spans the pregnancy and postpartum journey and is designed to help manage existing symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders and ultimately prevent postpartum depression.


We partner with payers, employers, and healthcare providers who want to take a proactive approach to help expectant parents, especially those who screen as at-risk for a maternal mental health condition during the prenatal period. 


The EmmaWell program includes unlimited access to personalized mental health support, guidance, and education from the start of your pregnancy through three months postpartum. Learn more today!

Pregenant Women

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EmmaWell empowers pregnant and postpartum people to prioritize their mental health and well-being.  

EmmaWell is a mission-driven organization dedicated to improving access to the support, guidance, and education programs proven to result in positive mental health outcomes for all pregnant and postpartum people, babies, and their families.

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