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SDoH Portrait Analysis

SDoH Portrait Analysis

SDoH Portrait Analysis

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SDoH Portrait Analysis is a solution provided by Change Healthcare which was founded in 2007. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Coordinated Community Networks, Social Determinants Analytics, and Health Equity.
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Research indicates that 80% of an individual’s health correlates to social determinants of health (SDoH)*, but health plans rarely have access to customized SDoH data. Understanding which determinants affect your population most—such as nutrition, transportation, income, or education—can help you identify and prioritize interventions to improve health outcomes and lower costs. Payers can leverage SDoH data to augment risk scoring, identify short- and long-term costs, improve patient outcomes, and better predict utilization for at-risk populations. Providers can apply SDoH insights to enhance care quality, understand social drivers to reduce readmissions and uncompensated care, and optimize interventions that affect bundled payments. Employers can learn how social risk factors impact performance and proactively develop wellness programs and value-based benefits. Access Robust Reports: Change Healthcare operates one of the nation’s largest warehouses of de-identified claims and remittance data, which is updated daily. We combine aggregated, de-identified data with national-level consumer behavior data to offer a robust, near real-time SDoH Portrait Analysis. Our reports illustrate the correlation between SDoH and the ways in which patient populations use the healthcare system in the following settings: outpatient, inpatient, and emergency room. The SDoH Portrait Analysis includes: • Financial attributes • Education attributes • Housing attributes • Ethnicity • Health behavior attributes Use Data for the Common Good: Change Healthcare operates under the highest standards of HIPAA compliance, including maintainingde-identification and ensuring all data and analytics are statistically verified by a third-party expert. Your claims data and SDoH data will be tokenized and combined to create a unique de-identified dataset for maximum protection. The SDoH Portrait Analysis is easy to comprehend and can be customized for your needs. Access our reports to: • Identify population-level SDoH correlations to optimize intervention and positively impact health outcomes • Analyze SDoH correlations to manage and predict financial risk • Forecast utilization types for at-risk populations • Create proactive alerting services Apply Targeted Interventions: Identify at-risk populations to be profiled, such as frequent healthcare utilizers, patients with high readmittance rates, or patients with chronic conditions. If Change Healthcare already processes your claims, we can append SDoH to your claims and produce analyses. If not, you can supply your claims to us. Report output includes onetime or quarterly SDoH Profiling Reports, showcasing 10 SDoH attributes for your at-risk populations, up to 10,000 members. Your results can drive further report customizations. The cost of care is rising daily, and SDoH matter. Harness the power of integrated consumer and claims data in our SDoH Portrait Analysis to uncover the challenges your at-risk populations face. The insights you receive can help you mitigate these issues and drive lasting change. Together, we can improve patient outcomes and lower costs for your at-risk populations. * The Brookings Institution, “A dozen facts about the economics of the US health-care system.” March 10, 2020. https://www.brookings.edu/research/a-dozen-facts-about-the-economics-of-the-u-s-health-care-system/
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