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Clearance Patient Access Suite

Clearance Patient Access Suite

Clearance Patient Access Suite

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Clearance Patient Access Suite
Clearance Patient Access Suite


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Clearance Patient Access Suite is a solution provided by Change Healthcare which was founded in 2007. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Revenue Cycle Management, Search & Transparency, Digital Front Door (DFD), Patient Flow, and Virtual Nursing.
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With the growth of high-deductible health plans and the transition to value-based care, there’s a renewed emphasis on the patient financial experience. To meet patient expectations and help increase collections, you need timely, accurate information regarding eligibility, coverage, and copays. Many hospitals also offer self-service tools to engage patients who are shopping for services online as well as financial counseling at registration to facilitate upfront payments. Clearance Patient Access Suite automates the entire process. Features of our solution suite include: • Patient-facing cost-estimate tool • User-friendly dashboard • Eligibility verification and coverage discovery • Notification of admission • HIS integration • Registration data QA • Pre-authorization/medical necessity • Bill estimation • Point-of-service collections • Charity screening and enrollment The Clearance Patient Access Suite offers everything providers need to help financially clear patients and assist in collecting as early in the revenue cycle as possible. The solution helps you perform unlimited eligibility checks on every patient encounter, and assists you in getting the most complete and current eligibility information without time-consuming phone calls and manual searches. The eligibility verification capabilities of Clearance provide staff with consistent views so the most pertinent information, including key notifications, coverage dates, in/out of network views, specialized Medicare and Medicaid views, and eligibility history for an account is available at your fingertips. And by integrating with your HIS, it confirms eligibility throughout the revenue cycle for more accurate downstream billing. In addition to patient eligibility information, notification of admission details is also available. As part of an enhanced eligibility offering, Clearance Enhanced Eligibility uses advanced analytics to identify undisclosed insurance coverage. For patient accounts categorized as self-pay, its risk-suppression feature helps ensure anti-phishing compliance. Unique data sources are used to pinpoint likely funding sources in a targeted approach, presenting you with all valid commercial, government, and managed care insurance coverage. Efficiently Manage Your Workflow: The Connect Dashboard provides a base of operations to get a complete patient financial clearance profile providing at-a-glance information for action. In addition to eligibility details, patient registration data accuracy, pre-authorization, medical necessity, patient bill estimation, point-of-service collection capabilities, and more are all accessible within this same dashboard. Second, staff can utilize a browser-based floating toolbar from within the HIS to access key Clearance Patient Access Suite information without losing focus on registration system activities. Help Improve Registration Data Accuracy in Real Time: Revenue cycle success starts at registration and having accurate registration data can help result in reduced denials, fewer rejected claims, and fewer returned statements. Clearance QA helps identify errors at registration to provide accurate data for all your downstream processes, helping to enhance financial performance and keep your cash flow constant. Registration error warnings are viewable from the Connect Dashboard, helping to alert your registrars early to errors that need to be addressed. Staff can then correct the errors, helping to eliminate the need for additional FTEs to perform manual registration QA/audits. Manage Pre-Authorization and Medical Necessity Workflow: Clearance Authorization helps manage the cumbersome and time consuming pre-authorization and medical necessity processes. The solution determines if a pre-authorization is required and on file with the payer, monitors payers for pending pre-authorization decisions and updates the HIS/Practice Management system with payer results. It also provides a consistent workflow to manage both automatic and manual pre-authorization processes. Clearance Authorization also assists with the checking of medical necessity and automatic creation of necessary ABNs, helping to reduce denials, improve reimbursements, and ensure compliance with CMS. It also includes regularly updated National Coverage Decisions (NCDs) and Local Medical Review Policy (LMRP) content services to help confirm comprehensive Medicare compliance. Validate Patient Identity and Assess Propensity to Pay: Learning as much as you can about patients upfront is often a major challenge for patient access staff. Clearance Patient ID helps you verify that patient demographic data on file is correct and notifies users about patient data issues or red flag alerts that could be related to identity theft. The solution also helps you determine the guarantor’s ability and inclination to pay their bill. By screening patients and checking healthcare payment prediction scores, Clearance Propensity-to-Pay helps your staff assess the likelihood that a patient will pay, and if the payment will be timely. Offer Cost Estimates and Drive Collections: Cost transparency helps consumers make informed choices and plan for how they’ll pay for out-of-pocket expenses. It also helps providers as it enables you to engage consumers, facilitate appointments, build trust, and help increase collections. Clearance Estimator Patient Direct is a patient-facing tool housed on your website that enables patients to obtain reliable cost estimates for common procedures and services. It also helps you meet CMS price transparency requirements and includes appointment prompts to drive engagement. It is integrated with our provider-facing tool, Clearance Estimator, which uses the same charge master, contracts, and claims data to generate estimates. This solution enables you to provide cost estimates at the point of service and request payments based on the patient’s financial circumstances. Find Financial Assistance for Patients Who Can’t Pay Taking care of patients who are unable to pay is part of the mission for many hospitals. Clearance Advocate alerts users to patients who cannot pay and should be evaluated for charity, Medicaid, or other financial assistance. The solution provides an online charity screening interview and enrollment form available within the normal registration workflow. Leverage Patient-Access Analytics to Drive Change: When you want to make strategic improvements in Patient Access operations, analytics can provide the visibility and intelligence you need to make informed decisions and initiate data-driven discussions with stakeholders to drive process change. Acuity Revenue Cycle Analytics™ provides access to near real-time patient access data and trends within and across facilities, helping to provide insight into the effectiveness and financial impact of processes. Leveraging eligibility, estimation, medical necessity, and authorization data presented in an actionable format, Acuity Revenue Cycle Analytics can help you monitor, evaluate, and improve financial and operational performance.
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