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Current Health Platform

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Current Health Platform is a solution provided by Current Health which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Management, Home Health, Remote Monitoring (RPM), and Oncology.
It has 27 verified clients.
Current Health Platform integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts.
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Current Health provides a single platform to enable health systems to deliver high-quality care at home across all patient populations. Our goal is to bring together everything you need into a single, flexible solution that can help you build new home-based care models. Our platform includes: 


Remote patient monitoring: We have our own FDA-cleared continuous monitoring device that measures vital signs (oxygen saturation, respiration rate, pulse rate, mobility, skin temperature) with the same accuracy as an ICU monitor. However, we are also unique in our device agnostic approach to RPM and can integrate with other third-party monitors and wearables to support any clinical use case. 


Patient engagement & telehealth: We have a patient-facing application available on iOS/Android that enables patients to communicate with their care team and stay engaged in their care plan. The application includes video calling, 2-way messaging, reminders (for medication, vital sign readings, etc.), symptom collection, and education modules. All engagement can be customized for the individual patient. 


Clinical Dashboard & Alerting: Our clinical dashboard helps care teams know when a patient needs attention, helping them manage large populations at home through prioritization & treatment optimization. Care teams can easily communicate with patients via the dashboard through one-click video and messaging capabilities as well as collaborate internally. Data integration with the EHR and clinical dashboard also allows for seamless workflows and data sharing. 


Clinical Command Center: We have an in-house team who can provide 24/7 clinical support with first-line triage of patient alarms, management of patient care, and escalation based on clinical protocols. 


Full-Service Logistics: We can provide full inventory and logistics to deliver, pickup, and service devices straight to the patient’s door.  


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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR, Ancillary EMR, Patient portal, Pop health platform, Home health, Access +/or revenue cycle
Use case dependent
Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech, NextGen, GE, eClinicalWorks, McKesson, Athenahealth
Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app)
Use cases and differentiators

Our solution enables healthcare organizations and providers to manage all patient populations in a single platform.  


Acute Care at Home (Hospital at Home)

We provide real-time insights into patient health and the ability to easily manage care plans with coordination of virtual and in-home care. 

Outcomes: We've helped hospitals reduce admissions by 26%.  


Transitional Care 

We help organizations extend high-quality care to patients by enabling care teams to maintain insight into the patient's health post-discharge.  

Outcomes: Reduced length of stay and readmissions by 90% 


Chronic Care 

With tailored patient engagement, care teams can effectively manage complex care needs to meet the patient wherever they are in their care journey.  

Outcomes: 92% patient adherence to their care plan. 

Our clinical dashboard can be made available to care teams

Current Health brings together all components needed to deliver quality care in the home and addresses the challenges care teams experience in operationalizing and scaling a care at home program across any acuity level. How we're different than your existing infrastructure:

UNIFIED INSIGHTS: we provide a unified dashboard that aggregates data from multiple sources to create actionable insights across your entire patient population - from hypertension to Hospital at Home.

DEVICE AGNOSTIC: We've designed an open ecosystem of device integration capabilities to address any clinical need of different populations and allow organizations to tailor their program to the individual patient.  

SCALABILITY & GROWTH: We can provide end-to-end support services to help your team scale. We can fill gaps in your team including 24/7 Clinical Command Center, full service logistics, and inventory management.

Our enterprise care-at-home platform enables health systems to extend beyond point solutions and episodic patient care and into longitudinal care at home. How we're different than other vendors:

ENABLEMENT PLATFORM: Our approach to care at home is designed around enabling care teams to better manage their patients. We fill in the gaps to help you provide the best care possible.

PATIENT CENTRIC: We've designed our platform to be incredibly easy for patients to use. Everything comes pre-configured and setup takes less than 10 minutes. If needed, we can provide a pre-configured tablet as well as in-home WiFi via our Home Hub.

ALL POPULATIONS: Our platform can be used to manage patients across all clinical disease areas and acuity levels. This allows you to share a single solution across your organization as well as manage patients throughout their care journey.

CONFIGURABILITY: We want to help you scale, which requires flexibility and configurability so you can tailor your program based on the patient or population, all within the platform itself.

INTEROPERABLE: Our platform allows organizations to have a single solution to deliver end-to-end logistics management, streamline their care-at-home program technology, leverage their EHR as the system of record, and optimize their staff to deliver care to critically ill patients within the hospital.

Company information

Founded in 2015

70.0M total equity funding



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