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The Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform

The Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform

The Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform

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The Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform
The Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform


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The Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform is a solution provided by Propeller Health which was founded in 2007. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Remote Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Disease Management, Care Management, and Digital Therapeutics (DTx).
It has 4 verified clients.
The Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform integrates with major EMRs such as Cerner, Epic.
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The Propeller Digital Therapeutic Platform

Propeller’s FDA-cleared digital therapeutic platform consists of Bluetooth-enabled sensors, a digital patient experience through mobile app or web portal, a clinician insights portal for remote monitoring, plus tailored patient support through virtual coaching. These components seamlessly integrate with one another to improve health outcomes for patients, and in turn, drive measurable clinical and business outcomes for healthcare organizations. Here’s how it works:

  1. PropellerConnect™ Sensors & Data Connectivity: Propeller sensors capture unique signals that passively record events, such as medication usage or respiration, and transmit data to Propeller via Bluetooth or hub connection. Sensors are compatible with more than 80% of inhaled medications on the U.S. market, including medications for MDI, Respimat®, Diskus®, Ellipta®, and Symbicort® inhalers.*
  2. MyPropeller™ Patient App & Portal: Sensor data is sent to the Propeller mobile app or online portal, empowering patients to learn about their breathing and triggers while delivering personalized, motivating journeys that build healthy habits.
  3. PropellerInsight™ Clinical Decision Support & Analytics: Via an EHR integration or our Clinician Portal, care teams can remotely monitor patients’ medication use and view on-demand reports to gain a clearer understanding of disease control status, symptoms, and triggers. These insights help inform clinical decisions and treatment plans, and enable proactive identification of patients who may be at a greater risk for an exacerbation and require timely clinical intervention.
  4. PropellerCare™ Support and Coaching: Propeller’s patient success team ensures users receive personalized support and coaching to help them confidently navigate the platform, stay focused on their goals, and take control of their breathing.

Propeller Health Solutions

Propeller configures its digital therapeutic platform into a variety of solutions that help healthcare and life sciences organizations meet their goals while navigating the shift to value-based care.

  • For Independent Physician Groups: Remote therapeutic monitoring programs to enhance care for eligible chronic patients
  • For Hospitals and Health Systems: Digital health programs for select clinics, target populations, or systemwide; integration into a service line/specialty for population health management
  • For Payers and Pharmacy Benefits Managers: Integration of digital health programs into existing care management or population health initiatives
  • For Life Sciences Organizations: Integration or co-packaging of digital companion (i.e., sensor, app, support) with connected drug delivery devices such as inhalers to support clinical trials, medication adherence, and biologics


*Respimat is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Diskus and Ellipta are registered trademarks of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies. Symbicort is a registered trademark of the AstraZeneca group of companies.

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Product capabilities

Data Collection

Our sensors attach to patients’ existing inhalers, reminding patients to take their medications on time and automatically tracking medication use data. This information is sent wirelessly to a patient’s mobile app or web portal account, helping them learn about their symptoms, triggers, and medication use habits (including when, where, and how often they dose). Clinicians can easily access this important data, too — either by using the Propeller Clinician Portal or through an integration with their EHR.

What is data collection?
The ability for individuals to use digital technology to share biometric and other health data in real-time from outside a hospital or clinic with their care team as a part of an ongoing provider-directed program of care
EHR integration

Pop health platform
Use case dependent
Cerner, Epic
Use cases and differentiators

For more than 10 years, the effectiveness of Propeller has been demonstrated across diverse geographies, clinical settings, and patient populations. Our digital therapeutic platform has been utilized in 80+ commercial programs and research studies, involving more than 6,000 study participants and resulting in more than 150 peer-reviewed publications and abstracts. Our platform is clinically proven to improve quality of life and patient outcomes, including:

  • Up to 58% improvement in medication adherence [1]
  • Up to 35% reduction in COPD-related healthcare utilization [2]
  • Up to 57% reduction in asthma-related healthcare utilization [3]
  • Up to 18.5% reduction in asthma-related rescue inhaler use, compared to a control group [4]


Sources: [1] Van Sickle et al. 2016, Eur Resp J. [2] Alshabani et al. 2019, J Telemedicine and Telecare. [3] Merchant et al. 2018, World Allergy Organ J. [4] Barrett et al. 2018, Health Aff.

Propeller has participated in a variety of pediatric asthma program types, from high-touch clinical interventions to real-world, practice-based programs. Our platform is clinically proven to decrease rescue inhaler use by 75%* and reduce symptoms and exacerbations** among pediatric users.


* Carl et al. 2018, American Thoracic Society.

** Lin et al. 2020, Pediatric Pulmonology.

Patients, caregivers of patients, and clinicians

To learn about how Propeller differentiates from other options in this space, please reach out to info@propellerhealth.com. 

As a leading precision digital health company, Propeller Health differs from others in the industry in that:  

  • Our 10+ FDA and CE cleared devices cover more than 80% of all inhaled medications on the market – and our capabilities go far beyond respiratory care.
  • We have conducted 80+ commercial programs and research studies, and a body of research no other digital health company can match: more than 150 peer-reviewed publications and abstracts.
  • Our parent company has decades of experience bringing specialized medical devices to market in more than 140 countries. Together, our regulatory expertise, logistics support, engineering and component sourcing knowledge is unmatched.
  • We have unique experience partnering with and unifying value for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem: independent clinics, hospitals and health systems, payers and PBMs, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, as well as patients and clinicians. 


Our FDA-cleared digital therapeutic platform stands apart from other digital health solutions in that: 

  • It is used by a broad spectrum of patients from pediatric (asthma) to elderly (COPD), and is proven effective in engaging underserved and vulnerable patient populations (Medicaid, Medicare). 
  • It engages patients with COPD — an often difficult to engage patient population — earlier in their care (stages 1 and 2). For patients whose conditions continue to progress, they can receive care in later stages (3 and 4) with solutions from our parent company, ResMed.
Company information

Founded in 2007

69.9M total equity funding



Propeller Clinician Portal
Propeller Sensor and Mobile App
Propeller Sensor for MDI
Propeller Patient Web Portal

Introduction to Propeller Health
Propeller EHR Integration Overview


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