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Perx Patient App

Perx Patient App

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Perx Patient App is a solution provided by Perx Health which was founded in 2016. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Diabetes Management, Chronic Disease Management, and Care Management.
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Acute care EMR, Ancillary EMR, Patient portal, Pop health platform, Home health, Behavioral health, Community based organizations, Website / public online sources
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Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app)
Use cases and differentiators

Perx Health offers a patient-centric chronic disease management program for polychronic individuals self-managing complex comorbidities that can engage and serve any patient regardless of their condition complexity, level of health literacy or socioeconomic status.

We have users as young as 12. The app is simple and intuitive enough that a pediatric patient with access to a smartphone can benefit from the solution.

Perx is sold directly to healthcare payers and providers that manage patients with chronic conditions. The end-users are the polychronic condition patients.

See more info for individuals: https://perxhealth.com/for-individuals/

See more info for providers: https://perxhealth.com/for-providers/

See more info for payers: https://perxhealth.com/for-insurers/

Perx’s core value proposition is the ability to attract, engage and serve healthcare’s high-risk, highest-cost patient groups through our unique approach. Our completely customizable and modular solution can map into internal tools and has features and outcomes beyond any homegrown tool:

  • Engaging Experience: a variety of extrinsic and intrinsic motivators (gamification, extrinsic rewards, community support and challenges) to engage individuals in a personalized way. Participants in our programs use Perx 3-4 times a day, with daily engagement (72% of monthly activity) equal to mobile consumer applications Facebook and Twitter (66% and 46% respectively).
  • Comprehensive and configurable condition support: catering to all conditions and comorbidities with treatment plan management across medication schedules, exercise plans, appointment scheduling, measurement taking and health tasks. Our platform’s flexible modules can be configured to match the needs of our commercial partners.
  • Clinically validated health outcomes: the University of Technology Sydney demonstrated in peer-reviewed research that Perx sustained long-term treatment adherence of 96% over six months, and in a randomized control trial with the University of Sydney, Perx patients demonstrated improved clinical bio-markers (HbA1c and cholesterol) versus standard care over 12 months.
  • Real-time verified data capture: validation of treatment management in real-time using clinical trial standard methods such as mobile direct observation of therapy (mDOT), collection of patient-reported experience and outcome measures (PROMs), and any condition specific surveys to validate and improve health outcomes. These real-world evidence capabilities are built into the platform to track program adoption, veteran satisfaction and report relevant health outcomes.

Perx’s digital CDMPs are designed to attract, engage and serve healthcare’s high-risk, highest-cost patient groups with a flexible, single solution, personalizing the experience through systematic ‘precision’ behavioral change while integrating with clinical care. We offer high-risk patients a materially different value proposition than our competitors:

  • Gamified treatment interventions focus on gamification only, inadvertently treating high-risk individuals as a homogeneous population. Perx uses a range of behavioral strategies to personalise the experience, drive higher engagement, and enroll a more diverse cohort of patients.
  • Digital CDMPs aim to control primary risk factors (blood pressure, glucose control or cholesterol) by modifying key risk behaviors (smoking, weight management, exercise, alcohol consumption). Unsuitable for high-risk patients, these programs focus on treating single conditions, are reliant on education and health coaching, and operate independently from clinical care teams.
  • Wellness solutions focus on disease prevention by providing general health, wellbeing and lifestyle interventions (exercise, nutrition, mental wellbeing and health check-ups). While attractive to health-conscious populations, these solutions fail to engage low socioeconomic, health illiterate patients managing complex comorbidities.
  • Patient access solutions pursue the mass-market and focus on patient acquisition (regardless of condition or health-risk). Solutions are monetised by selling data or providing patient access for marketing purposes, with little-to-no independently published research demonstrating behaviour change or outcomes. 

Company information

Founded in 2016

$6 total equity funding



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