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Dina Transitions

Dina Transitions


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Dina Transitions is a solution provided by Dina which was founded in 2015. It belongs to the digital health solution Care Management.
Dina Transitions integrates with major EMRs such as Epic.

Keep Patients In-Network as They Move From Hospital to Home

Digitally manage your network of in-home providers including home health, non-medical home care and SNFs, along with additional services like DME, transportation, nutrition support, and home modification.

Referral and logistics workflows automatically identify your preferred providers and best patient match. Avoid double documentation with an embedded EHR experience.

Efficient Transitions Drive Value

Leverage a bi-directional referral management process to improve start-of-care confirmations.

Optimize post-acute spend by managing a high-performing partner network.

Improve staff and patient experiences with easy-to-use technology.

Automate Daily Bed Availability Outreach

  • Use text-message-based tools to automatically survey SNF and PAC network partners prior to the start of the daily discharge planning process.
  • Save hours of time previously spent calling individual facilities to determine bed space.
  • Access daily dashboards to track bed availability. Share dashboard data with discharge teams.

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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Patient portal, Pop health platform
Not applicable
Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (native app)
Use cases and differentiators

Efficiently transition people home or to another post-acute setting after a hospitalization; activate medical and non-medical in-home services to deliver new models of care; remotely monitor people in between visits to help them stay home safely; and assess new types of home-based data to identify risks and inform care plans.

Case management teams, population health teams, nurses, discharge planners.

Coordinate care delivery on a patient's journey home, including HIPAA-compliant bi-directional communication.The Dina platform identifies insurance matches, bed availability, and start-of-care availability, among other information to ensure efficient transitions. Epic integration eliminates the need for double documentation. Once home, remotely engage patients to help them stay home safely. Activate real-time home-based data to identify risks and inform care plans.

While some care coordination platforms only focus on the hospital-to-SNF transition, Dina is focused on efficiently transitioning patients from the hospital to all post-acute settings, including the home. Simplify workflows by connecting to all levels of care in one platform including the fastest-growing network of care-at-home services: telehealth, home care, professional and family caregivers, meal delivery, transportation, home modification and community-based organizations that address social determinants of health. Once home, remotely engage patients to help them stay home safely. Activate real-time home-based data to identify risks and inform care plans.

Company information

By Dina

Founded in 2015

12.5M total equity funding



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