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Datos Health CareApps

Datos Health CareApps

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Datos Health CareApps
Datos Health CareApps



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Datos Health CareApps is a solution provided by Datos Health which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Transitions, Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous), and Diabetes Management.
It has 5 verified clients.
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Product capabilities

Intake & Virtual Waiting Room

Our platform offers a virtual waiting room and enables patients and care teams to easily share and upload documents, images, and videos. We offer many communication channels such as chat, text, and virtual meetings and can integrate with any connected device.

What is intake & virtual waiting room?

Ability to handle digital form upload & intake. Integrated symptom checking. Waiting room accessible to patients, providers, and staff. Patient/member queueing. Patient can share images or videos. Integration with connected devices for vitals collection. Patient/member contact/chatting. Content for patients to interact with in the waiting room. Notify patient when provider is ready to start visit. Tool for patient to test tech feasibility

EHR integration


None provided

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

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EMRs Supported:

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Hardware Compatibility:

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Provide patients with personalized care by instantly transforming your clinical workflows into patient CareApps. Surveys, vitals, and measurement data trigger automated responses and specific patient follow-up actions.

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Use cases


Turn any clinical workflow into a patient CareApp through our Design Study and engage patients with personalized content specific to their care plan, send them reminders to take their medication, upload vitals, guide them through automated assisted self-care when appropriate and notify the care team if intervention is needed.

COVID-19 use cases:

We have several COVID-19 monitoring programs in place to track patients' symptoms, preserve hospital capacity and to manage population health.

Pediatric use cases:

We have a few remote care programs that are geared specifically to pediatric patients that include programs for diabetes, oncology, and cardiology.


Pacific University, Northwest Permanente, Sheba Medical Center, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Ministry of Health in Israel, University of Rochester.


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

None provided

Differentiators vs Competitors:

The Datos Health Open Care platform enables clinicians to easily design and deploy personalized remote care plans for any clinical workflow, these care plans are instantly translated into patient-facing CareApps that guide patients through automated assisted self-care.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion practices

DEI is short for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more about DEI practices.
Product Design


Whole person care

Product Delivery

Engagement options


Company information

Founded in 2015

7.0M total equity funding

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