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Agathos is a solution provided by Agathos which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout and Human Capital Management .
It has 3 verified clients.
Agathos integrates with major EMRs such as Epic.

The challenge

Healthcare clients enlist Agathos to shape behaviors that

  • Reduce length of stay
  • Reduce clinical variation
  • Improve patient flow
  • Improve provider happiness
  • Improve patient outcomes

The Agathos solution

Agathos shows physicians how their practice patterns compare to those of their peers. This piques their curiosity and sparks self-determined change that leads to positive impacts on all of the above challenges.

5 steps to changes in practice patterns

  1. Agathos works with you to determine which practice patterns may have the greatest impact at your hospital. (See the insights we currently track on the back of this sheet.)
  2. Agathos sends a text once/week to physicians with individual practice pattern data and how each physician compares to peers in that specific practice area. 86% of the physicians with access to Agathos regularly log in and interact with their data. (Compare that to physician engagement with your current dashboards.)
  3. Physicians can drill down to review recent cases.
  4. Curiosity piqued, physicians engage with one another to arrive at new ways to practice. (Many physicians share the positive impact this has on culture and team engagement.)
  5. Practice patterns change without heavy administrative burden. Physicians improve on their own. At the same time, metrics trend in the right direction. Our ROI model includes the hard costs you care about as well as qualitative impacts on physician satisfaction and culture.
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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ambulatory EMR
None provided
None provided
Use cases and differentiators

Reduce clinical variation, engage physicians with individualized data about their pracice patterns, improve quality, improve collaboration, improve patient flow, reduce length of stay

Physician Leaders, Hospitalists, Physicians, Primary Care Physicians

This video addresses the build vs. buy question. https://vimeo.com/729760171

More videos to common questions on this page: https://www.agathos.health/agathos-common-questions

This video explains how we handle physician attribution. This is a key differentiator. 


Company information

Founded in 2015

8.5M total equity funding


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