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Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics
Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics


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Avantas Healthcare Predictive Analytics is a solution provided by Avantas which was founded in 1998. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
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Avantas leverages evidence-based solutions to help healthcare providers better manage their workforce. It provides advanced volume forecasting with predictive analytics, workforce analytics, operational best practice guidance, and automation with a leading online scheduling tool, Smart Square®. Avantas is a division of AMN Healthcare, the nation’s leading healthcare staffing and workforce solutions company for hospitals and health systems

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Use cases and differentiators

Healthcare Predictive Analytics

With healthcare predictive analytics from Avantas, the schedule needs forecasts start 120 days in advance of the shift. These forecasts of how many and what types of staff you’ll need (and where you’ll need them) are updated weekly. More predictable schedules result in happier staff, time savings for managers, and much less reliance on last-minute incentives and agency.

We incorporate modern modeling techniques and machine learning methodologies to forecast staffing needs starting 120 days out from the shift. This helps organizations create better schedules and staffing plans sooner.

Updated weekly, these predictions pass through the staffing matrices for each unit/service area, clearly identifying predicted demand versus staff supply.

The workforce planning dashboard allows users to view metrics and schedule outcomes to tell the story of your performance and illustrate opportunities to better use your staff.

  • Explore patterns, determine root causes, and glean actionable insights
  • View key metrics to track against goals
  • Analyze core and contingency staff utilization
  • Drill down for nuanced and trending analysis
  • Toggle between operational and financial drivers
  • The University of Kansas Hospital
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Founded in 1998



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