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Xaqt is a solution provided by Xaqt which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Conversational & Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Conversational AI.
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A Layered Approach to AI in the Contact Center

No matter what technology you have in place today, our software empowers organizations to deliver AI driven customer interactions and achieve operational efficiencies previously unheard of.

  • Omnichannel Engagement
  • Performance Assurance
  • Contact Center Analytics
  • Knowledge Management
  • AI Infrastructure
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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators


Leverage the power of AI to deliver intelligent and dynamic experiences across all digital channels in any industry.

Prebuilt Competencies and Capabilties

  • Bot-based service experiences that listen and respond to consumer questions
  • Seamlessly escalate to agents when necessary, increasing efficiency in call centers by resolving simple issues
  • Freeing up humans to focus on more nuanced consumer requests

Intelligent Virtual Agents as-a-Service

Fully managed AI means you're never left to figure it out on your own.

  • One source of truth across all digital channels and voice
  • Intelligent and Conversational based routing
  • Employee Experience

A personal Coach for every Agent

Impact on Day One

Intelligent Day One, and gets smarter with each customer interaction.

Conversational Automation

Automate repititive work processes to create operational effeciencies.

Works in any Contact Center Environment

Prebuilt integrations to the technology you already have means no business disruption and accelerated deployment times.

A Blueprint for each call

Ensure Agents say the right thing, every time with automated checklists and conversational scripting.


AI Powered Agent Assistant and Real-Time Guidance.

Give Your Agents AI Superpowers

Give your agents the ability to handle more conversations, reducing operational costs, decreasing average customer hold time, and improving your ability to handle peak traffic efficiently.

Improve CX and EX

Recommend Responses for Customers

Guide recommends phrases used by high-performing agents to improve the quality and consistency of customer experience.

Surface answers from your knowledge base

Agents are suggested knowledge base content from either Xaqt's KnowledgeFlow or other Knowledge Bases, to solve a customer’s issue, reducing customer wait time and providing more accurate information to customers.

Faster Response Time

Improve CSAT with quicker response time using Suggested Replies and fast answers to customer inquiries drawn from Xaqt KnowledgeFlow.


AI Powered Analytics for Contact Centers and CX

Spectra is the leading data and analytics platform for contact centers. Spectra provides a range of powerful tools and features to help you optimize your operations and improve customer experience.


With Spectra Perspectives, you gain a comprehensive and holistic understanding of your contact center operations, and develop informed and effective strategies for improving customer satisfaction, increasing efficiency, and optimizing your operations.

  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Performance
  • Employee Experience
  • AI Performance

Conversational Insights

Spectra integrates with Xaqt's Prism and Discern to analyze every interaction, providing:

  • Product Feedback
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Call Summaries
  • Compliance

AI-driven analytics

Optimize customer journeys, employee performance and operational efficiencies with real time insights.

  • Speed up response times to critical issues
  • Augment agent coaching and QA
  • Automated discovery of actionable insights

Data as the Platform

Spectra offers universal compatibility with a wide range of data sources, business intelligence tools, and visualization libraries.

Using our SQL interface, REST API, and GraphQL API, you can easily integrate Spectra into your existing tech stack and leverage common SQL skills to ensure consistent, high-performance, and secure data handling and analysis.

Build the perfect stack for your needs and take control of your data.


  • Community Care Plan
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center

Other industries: 

  • City of Kansas City, Missouri
  • County of Fairfax, Virginia
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Company information

By Xaqt

Founded in 2015



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