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Remote Patient Monitoring from RCP

Remote Patient Monitoring from RCP

Remote Patient Monitoring from RCP

Remote Patient Monitoring from RCP
Remote Patient Monitoring from RCP


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Remote Patient Monitoring from RCP is a solution provided by Remote Care Partners. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Remote Monitoring (RPM), DIY Care, and Diabetes Management.
Remote Patient Monitoring from RCP integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Meditech, and athena.
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Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) by Remote Care Partners (RCP) is an innovative and efficient healthcare solution designed to improve patient outcomes, increase patient engagement, and reduce the overall cost of care. This cutting-edge system empowers patients, care providers, and physicians to stay connected and actively participate in managing their health from the comfort of their homes.

The program features our proprietary Interactive Video SmartHub. This always-on device enables patients to track their health data, interact with their care team via text or video, and access a complete library of customized health content. The Video SmartHub also collects and transmits real-time health data from patients to their care team. The seamless integration of medical devices, such as blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, weight scales, and health trackers, allows for the accurate tracking of vital signs and other essential health indicators. This continuous flow of information enables their care team and nurse coach to monitor their patients' well-being, identify potential health issues early on, and provide timely intervention when needed.

One of the key benefits of RCP's RPM system is its ability to enhance patient engagement. With easy-to-use devices and a user-friendly interface, patients can take a more active role in managing their health. This increased involvement often leads to better adherence to treatment plans, improved self-care, and, ultimately, better health outcomes.

Furthermore, RPM by RCP can significantly reduce the cost of care. The need for in-person visits and hospitalizations can be minimized by enabling remote monitoring and virtual consultations. This not only saves time and resources for both patients and healthcare providers but also helps to alleviate the burden on already overstretched healthcare systems.

Another advantage of RCP's RPM system is its flexibility and adaptability. The platform can be customized to cater to the specific needs of individual patients, ensuring that each person receives tailored care and support. This personalized approach to healthcare has been shown to yield better results and improve patient satisfaction.

In summary, Remote Patient Monitoring by Remote Care Partners is revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered by providing a convenient, cost-effective, and personalized solution for patients and care providers alike. Through real-time data collection, increased patient engagement, and the potential for early intervention, RCP's RPM system is paving the way for a more efficient and effective healthcare experience.

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Mobile / Tablet (native app), Desktop
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