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Talent Management Solutions

Talent Management Solutions


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Talent Management Solutions is a solution provided by AMN Healthcare Language Services which was founded in 1985. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about Talent Management Solutions include: A Buyer’s Guide to Dynamic Scheduling and Staffing and Top Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling Companies Report 2023

Today’s health systems, medical centers, nursing facilities and private practices require a diverse workforce with an array of skills, specialties, and experience. Key to our Total Talent offering are Workforce Analytics & Assessment and Scheduling & Staff Planning.

  • Managed Services & Analytics Program
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Float Pool Management
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Use cases and differentiators

Managed Services & Analytics Program

The next generation of MSP. Our healthcare Managed Services & Analytics Program (MSAP) ensures you deliver better care and a better experience for your patients and staff.

  • 95%+ fill rate
  • 15% cost savings

Recruitment Solutions

By leveraging our recruitment services, you can quickly and efficiently hire quality candidates while lowering costs, ensuring a good cultural fit, and providing a better patient experience. 

  • 25% improved time to fill
  • 8 Year average clinician experience

Float Pool Management

A highly functioning internal float pool results in cost-effective management of your workforce while also ensuring consistency with staff levels to fill needs across your organization in line with emerging patient demand. 

  • 4-7% in labor savings
  • $2B saved in workforce engagements

Workforce Analytics & Assessment

Our workforce analysis can help plan and optimize your current staffing levels and identify reallocation of resources.

Scheduling & Staff Planning

Our predictive analytics and scheduling solution combines workforce demand forecasting with customizable scheduling capabilities and business intelligence tools.

  • 96% scheduling accuracy
  • 75% shifts filled 2+ weeks ahead
  • Baptist Health Montgomery
  • Nebraska Medicine
  • NY Presbyterian
  • Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Temple Health
  • Trinity Health of New England
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