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Playback Health is a solution provided by Playback Health which was founded in 2018. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, and Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous).
It has 2 verified clients.
Playback Health integrates with major EMRs such as Allscripts, athena, and Cerner.
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Product capabilities

Diagnosis & Documentation

Simple ADT integration via secure APIs to connect patients to their care team and create customizable care journeys. Curate medical information and care instructions from the EMR. Able to create patient specific care instructions with context using audio, video and messaging. Link to internal content libraries to to share reusable digital assets based upon diagnosis and care care journey. POssible integrations include: ADT, Active Directory, HIE, EHR, Patient Portal, and more.

What is diagnosis & documentation?

Ability to leverage existing patient demographic/medical info. Support for documentation within the EHR. Auto-generation of clinical documentation. Review, confirm, or revise diagnosis, treatment options (including escalation to a higher acuity care setting), and care plan in a timely manner and within existing provider workflow tools. Photo integration, recording integration, and ability to push AVS to patient portal.

EHR integration


Acute care EMR, Ancillary EMR, Patient portal, ADT, Access +/or revenue cycle, Credentialing, Other

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

Recommended, but not required

EMRs Supported:

Allscripts, athena, Cerner, Epic, GE, Meditech

Hardware Compatibility:

Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (native app), Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Other


Playback Health is a software technology company that builds, deploys, and scales secure mobile solutions to help providers more effectively deliver medical information and care instructions to patients, their families, and other care providers. Playback's SaaS platform helps promote a communication-first strategy that allows healthcare organizations to leverage their EMRs, patient portals, and other systems of record to add value, empathy, and engagement at every level. 

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Use cases

Any care provider looking for a better way to communicate care instructions, diagnosis, etc. to patients and their families in a more meaningful way.
COVID-19 use cases:
During COVID-19 Patients that are admitted to the hospital are disconnected from their care teams, friends, family and PCPs. Playback allows the clinician to create personalized content about the status of patient, that can be shared through our App with their entire care team at once.
Pediatric use cases:
Our solution is agnostic to use case. Pediatrics can benefit from Playback Health to help communicate the care instructions of the patient to all care team members at the same time. One parent my not be available at the point of care to understand diagnosis and care instructions. Clinicians can memorialize instructions in the App and share with all family members that the same time.
Clinicians (MDs, NPs, ACPs, etc.) and Patients, Family Members,

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

None provided

Differentiators vs Competitors:

None provided

Company information

Founded in 2018

3.0M total equity funding

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