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Playback Health is a solution provided by Playback Health which was founded in 2018. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous), Oncology, Clinician Burnout, and Coding & Documentation.
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Playback Health integrates with major EMRs such as Allscripts, Cerner, and Epic.
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Playback Health is a software technology company that builds, deploys, and scales secure mobile solutions to help providers more effectively deliver medical information and care instructions to patients, their families, and other care providers. Playback's SaaS platform helps promote a communication-first strategy that allows healthcare organizations to leverage their EMRs, patient portals, and other systems of record to add value, empathy, and engagement at every level. 

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Product capabilities

Access & Scheduling

Playback integrates with provider ADT feed to automatically and intelligently connect patients, care providers, and families via text, email or in-app notifications. Easy and secure authentication protects PHI and provide easy access to care instructions, anytime and anywhere.

What is access & scheduling?
Ability to provide multilingual and omni-channel options. No app download or authentication required for patients/members. Navigation and scheduling through existing channels, with provider launch from the EHR. Allow for patient link distribution to family members. Proxy support is provided.
EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Ancillary EMR, Patient portal, ADT, Website / public online sources, Other
Recommended, but not required
Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, Meditech
Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (native app), Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Other
Use cases and differentiators

We use non-intrusive automation across the patient journey to send relevant messages to patients, families, and caregivers. Playback sends notifications via email, SMS, mobile phone, platform app, and hospital devices like a Zebra phone. Links open to shared multimedia care instructions and other medical information such as lab results, medical images, and discharge instructions, and may include video film reviews explaining diagnosis and care or educational and explanatory material.

Playback effectively serves any clinical situation that requires patient education and engagement. Pediatrics benefits with Playback Health because medical information and care instructiions are memorialized and shared with all family members simultaneously, whereever they are and whenever its needed most---automaticately transcribed and translated to ensure healthcare literacy.

Clinicians, Care teams, Patients, Family, and external caregivers. 

Playback Health brings video, audio and screen recording into the communicaiton process so that all stakeholders are able to hear and share care information in a language they understand. Playback uses powerful automation and AI to convert patient conversations, film reviews and audio dictation into an EMR-ready medical notes saving clinician's time while delivering exceptional patient experience. 

Playback focuses on the doctor patient conversation to ensure all stakeholders hear and understand care instructions, anytime and anywhere. No other platform is able to marry up the discharge instruction with an audio recording to reduce communication error, save clinicians time, and boost HCAHPS scores.

Company information

Founded in 2018

3.0M total equity funding


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July 19, 2023


July 19, 2023

Having the time to care again

Playback health gives me back time it takes to care for patients again Instead of just worrying about how to get paid 

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