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PtAccess is a solution provided by Harris Healthcare which was founded in 1993. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Flow, Virtual Nursing, and Staff Safety.

One portal. All patient information.

Patient engagement is increasingly recognized globally as an integral part of healthcare and a critical component of safe patient-centered services. Engaged patients are better able to make informed decisions about their care options.

PtAccess provides an easy, low-cost way to give your patients access to their health information, complete on-line forms, communicate with their healthcare providers and request appointment changes.

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Use cases and differentiators

Empower your patients for better health outcomes

PtAccess empowers your patients by providing secure online access to their health information and helps you achieve your Patient Engagement goals. There is no need for your staff to compile and transfer electronic copies of health information to your patients when requested. Valuable time is saved.

With PtAccess, your patients can:

  • View, print, and securely email their health information.
  • Download their health information to multiple formats
  • Access their discharge instructions and home medications
  • View health information documents scanned into the hospital’s EHR
  • Utilize links to learn about their medications, tests, surgeries and more
  • Complete and submit online forms pertaining to their upcoming visits
  • Manage their appointments by requesting a change, setting up reminders and adding appointments to their online calendars
  • Record their personal health information
  • Request an update to their contact information

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Founded in 1993



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