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CultureGuide is a solution provided by SameSky Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Health Equity, Personalized wellness, Care Transitions, and Consumer Access & Engagement.
CultureGuide integrates with major EMRs such as Not applicable.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about CultureGuide include: Mytonomy guide: Selecting a Modern Enterprise Patient Education Solution
Our multimodal communications approach enables us to personalize the consumer experience based on individual preferences. We balance technology and seeking a deeper understanding of who people are, with human touch, to build trust and connect with culturally diverse communities. We then curate and deliver a dynamic member experience that leverages behavioral economics, engagement best practices, and cultural context to consider each person's needs, wants, and experience. The result is greater success in closing gaps in care, along with improved ratings across relevant quality measures, while driving health equity by ensuring that all consumers get the care they need and deserve.
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Use cases and differentiators

We engage people in their annual health journeys via multiple communications modalities. 

We send reminders to parents to engage them in their children's wellness activities (annual wellness visit, vaccinations, etc.)

We partner with health plans and other organizations to engage their members/patients in their annual health journeys. 

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Adaptive technology: Our proprietary, dynamic logic determines appropriate messaging and preferred communications modality throughout the consumer's annual health journey, contextualizing messaging based on each unique circumstance. 

Cultural intelligence: Our development process ensures that we look at culture through a holistic lens, informing every aspect of our platform, and our content. Beyond technology, our Community Health Guides interact with consumers, informed by their own diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Continuous improvement: Extensive testing of our interactions allows us to optimize our content, while feedback from consumers informs updates to our culturally relevant messaging.

Personalized experience: The more we learn about each person during their journey, the more personalized our engagement becomes, enabling us to build trusted influential relationships. 

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