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MyHealthPal aims to significantly reduce emergency room (ER) visits, prevent hospital readmissions, and ultimately slash healthcare costs. Our platform takes a proactive approach, providing physicians with real-time medical insights. At its core, MyHealthPal utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze a comprehensive set of data, including surgical incisions wound characteristics, patient historical medical records, vital signs, medication intake, patient-reported outcomes, and daily activities. This rich data landscape enables us to deliver automated alerts to healthcare providers, allowing them to monitor for surgical site infections and prioritize attention to those patients who need it most. The result? Healthcare providers gain immediate insights and actionable opportunities to manage symptoms, preventing escalation and addressing surgical site infections before they lead to unnecessary ER visits, inflated medical costs, and health complications.
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EHR integration

Acute care EMR
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Use cases and differentiators

MyHealthPal is a comprehensive health monitoring tool designed to empower patients in post-surgical care. This use case focuses on the feature that allows patients to capture images of their surgical incisions and input vital signs data. The primary goal is to facilitate early detection of surgical site infections (SSIs) and provide timely alerts to surgeons for prompt intervention.

For Pediatric surgery

Surgical patients

Surgical Patient helper

Wound care team

Skilled Nurse facility team

We offer a comprehensive solution by supplying images of surgical wounds, vital signs data, and predictive outcomes to anticipate the likelihood of surgical site infections. No hardware is needed. 

Our competitors focus on vital signs only to follow up on post-operative patients. No surgical wound image analysis

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