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Tele-ED is a solution provided by Equum Medical. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including ED-based Mental Health Interventions and ED-based SUD Interventions.
The emergency department (ED) has long been the entry point for acute care hospitals, where many patients arrive unpredictably, often in critical condition. Today, EDs face unprecedented surges of patients, many with substance abuse and behavioral health challenges. This influx leads to patients waiting on gurneys in hallways for hours or even days before an ICU room becomes available. Such inefficiencies demand multiple consultations and delay access to necessary intensivist care. Equum Medical's Tele-ED Services offer a solution to alleviate these burdens. Our physician teams take on the responsibility of managing the care of patients boarding in the ED. We ensure these patients are efficiently triaged and receive continuous management until they are either treated in the ICU, transitioned to a lower-intensity setting, or relocated to another care facility. In some cases, patients can even be sent home with appropriate prescriptions. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for multiple departmental consultations, enhancing workflow efficiency and reducing the stress on ED staff. By integrating Equum Medical's Tele-ED services, hospitals can improve patient outcomes, reduce ED overcrowding, and provide timely care. Our services help manage the critical patient population effectively, ensuring that the ED staff can focus on immediate, life-saving interventions without the added pressure of prolonged patient boarding. This innovative solution supports a more efficient healthcare delivery model, addressing the critical needs of both patients and healthcare providers.
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Use cases and differentiators

Equum Medical's Tele-ED services provide critical support to emergency departments (ED) through telehealth technology, enabling remote consultations and management of patients. This service aims to alleviate overcrowding, reduce wait times, and provide timely access to specialist care, thereby improving patient outcomes and operational efficiency in the ED.

Use Case 1: Managing Overcrowding and Reducing Wait Times

  • Problem Statement: Emergency departments often face overcrowding and long wait times, which can lead to patient dissatisfaction, delayed care, and increased stress on healthcare staff.
  • Solution: Equum Medical's Tele-ED services enable remote consultations with emergency medicine specialists who can quickly assess and triage patients. By utilizing telehealth technology, patients can be evaluated and managed more efficiently, freeing up ED resources and reducing wait times.

Use Case 2: Enhancing Access to Specialist Care

  • Problem Statement: Rural and smaller hospitals often lack access to specialized care, requiring patients to be transferred to larger facilities, which can delay treatment and increase costs.
  • Solution: Tele-ED services provide immediate access to a network of specialists, including cardiologists, nephrologists and infectious disease experts. This enables hospitals to offer a broader range of services without the need for on-site specialists.

Use Case 3: Supporting ED Staff and Reducing Burnout

  • Problem Statement: ED staff often experience high levels of stress and burnout due to the demanding nature of emergency care, especially during peak times and in high-acuity situations.
  • Solution: Tele-ED services support ED staff by providing access to remote specialists who can assist with patient management, share the workload, and offer expert advice. This reduces the burden on on-site staff and helps prevent burnout.

Equum Medical's Tele-ED services provide versatile solutions to the common challenges faced by emergency departments. By enhancing access to specialist care, managing patient flow, and supporting on-site staff, these services improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of emergency care delivery.



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  1. Physician-Led and Operated. Equum Medical is founded and operated by physicians, which ensures that their telehealth solutions are designed with a deep understanding of clinical workflows and patient care needs. This physician-led approach enhances the relevance and efficacy of their services.
  2. Focus on Rural and Underserved Communities. Equum Medical has a strong commitment to improving healthcare access in rural and underserved areas. Their telehealth services are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by these communities, ensuring that patients receive high-quality care without the need for extensive travel.
  3. Proven Outcomes and Customer Testimonials. Equum Medical's services have demonstrated significant improvements in patient outcomes and operational efficiency. Their partnerships with hospitals have led to enhanced patient care, reduced wait times, and improved satisfaction among both patients and healthcare providers. Testimonials from rural hospital executives highlight the impact of Equum Medical's services.
  4. Universal Technology Approach. Equum Medical employs a tech-agnostic model that supports health system technology adoption without the need for significant infrastructure investments. This flexible approach allows them to integrate seamlessly with existing hospital systems, making it easier for healthcare providers to adopt and scale their telehealth services.
  5. High-Acuity Care Expertise. Equum Medical specializes in managing high-acuity patients, providing expert care through telehealth for complex conditions. Their high-acuity care services ensure that even the most challenging cases receive the attention and expertise they require, which is particularly valuable for hospitals with limited access to specialized care providers.
  6. Strong Partnerships and Recognitions. Equum Medical is recognized as a Gold Member of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) and has been designated as the exclusive HIT Coalition partner by the NRHA as well as a member of American Telemedicine Association. These partnerships underscore their commitment to advancing healthcare and their credibility in the telehealth market.
  7. Innovative Care Models. Equum Medical’s unique care delivery models, like ProviderPOD™, are designed to be scalable and adaptable, allowing healthcare providers to expand their services efficiently. These models optimize patient flow, reduce clinician burnout, and improve overall care delivery.
  8. Dedicated Support for Workforce Challenges. Equum Medical addresses the ongoing challenge of healthcare workforce shortages by providing integrated virtual resources that enhance recruitment and retention. Their telehealth solutions offer a more modern, flexible work environment, helping to reduce burnout and stabilize the workforce.

By leveraging these differentiators, Equum Medical stands out as a leader in the telehealth industry, offering comprehensive, innovative, and flexible solutions that meet the diverse needs of healthcare providers and patients, particularly in rural and underserved areas. Equum Medical offers a broad portfolio of telehealth services that cover the entire acute care continuum, including:

  • Tele-ICU: Provides critical care support with board-certified intensivists and critical care nurses, ensuring real-time patient monitoring and expert consultations.
  • Virtual Nursing: Offers round-the-clock nursing support, assisting with patient assessments, medication administration, and care coordination.
  • Virtual Sitter: Enhances patient safety by providing continuous remote monitoring to prevent falls and other safety concerns.
  • Telemetry: Enables remote cardiac monitoring for early detection and management of cardiac events.
  • Multi-Specialty Telehealth: Provides access to specialists in various fields, such as cardiology, nephrology, neurology, and more.
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