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Babyscripts is a solution provided by Babyscripts which was founded in 2014. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Women's Health, Care Management, Comprehensive Perinatal Care, and Remote Monitoring (RPM).
It has 75 verified clients.
Babyscripts integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, athena, and Cerner.
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With Babyscripts, our doctors and patients have access to a powerful platform to connect and share data throughout the patient’s pregnancy and postpartum care. It's allowed us to increase touchpoints within our community and our patients to access important information about their pregnancy 24/7.

Anne LaNova_testimonial
Anne LaNova

Executive Director of Digital Consumer Experience, MemorialCare

With Babyscripts, our doctors and patients have access to a powerful platform to connect and share data throughout the patient’s pregnancy and postpartum care. It's allowed us to increase touchpoints within our community and our patients to access important information about their pregnancy 24/7.

Anne LaNova_testimonial
Anne LaNova

Executive Director of Digital Consumer Experience, MemorialCare

With Babyscripts, our doctors and patients have access to a powerful platform to connect and share data throughout the patient’s pregnancy and postpartum care. It's allowed us to increase touchpoints within our community and our patients to access important information about their pregnancy 24/7.

Anne LaNova_testimonial
Anne LaNova

Executive Director of Digital Consumer Experience, MemorialCare

EHR integration


Ambulatory EMR, Credentialing, Website / public online sources, Other

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

Recommended, but not required

EMRs Supported:

Epic, athena, Cerner, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks

Hardware Compatibility:

Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app)

In Epic App Orchard:


Babyscripts Virtual Maternity Care is a clinically-validated, obstetrics-specific solution that allows OB/GYNs and other maternal health care providers to deliver a new model of prenatal and postpartum care via a mobile app-based platform and remote patient monitoring experiences. 

Babyscripts exists to solve the problems generated from the critical shortage of obstetrical providers in the U.S. and to transform the delivery of pregnancy care through the power of technology and remote patient monitoring.

Babyscripts offers comprehensive virtual maternity care that, through managing various levels of risk, addresses an outdated model for pregnancy care that has not moved the needle in decreasing maternal morbidity and mortality; an inability to address social determinants of health; and the increasing decision to transition care outside of the clinic post-Covid.

The company’s solution for virtual maternity care manages the various risk-levels of a maternal health population to address some of the largest drivers of costs and complications in perinatal care. Babyscripts’ mobile app-based solution with remote monitoring experiences allows providers to deliver risk-specific care to pregnant mothers at any time, in any place.

The solution consists of a three-tiered approach. The first tier is a digital education layer prescribed by the provider and delivered to the patient via a mobile app, Babyscripts myJourney, with daily gestational-age and practice-specific, customizable content extending through one year postpartum, as well as weight tracking and management. By giving the patient 24/7 access to digital resources approved by their care provider, the app cuts down on misinformation found through internet sources, and also eliminates the need for clunky and expensive paper resources. Push notifications and reminders keep patients engaged with content. Providers can also develop and deploy customized campaigns to segmented populations through the mobile app. 

The second tier enables remote management of pregnant patients, specifically focused on mental health or blood pressure-related risk. These remote monitoring solutions help to resolve barriers of distance for mothers who are living in maternity care deserts or otherwise struggling with barriers to access. 

Babyscripts blood pressure monitoring, myBloodPressure, enables comprehensive and intelligent monitoring and intervention across four risk-specific categories (including low-risk, chronic hypertension, prenatal hypertension, and postpartum hypertension). This program collects patient-generated biometric data from a bluetooth-connected or manual blood pressure cuff through the Babyscripts myJourney app and communicates it back to the care team, allowing providers to identify elevated risks remotely. Providers set trigger protocols for each risk category to enable a risk-stratified response. If a patient records an elevated or critical blood pressure reading, the unique trigger system activates a response to the patient from a 24/7 call center, and alerts providers to patient risk immediately, enabling real-time interventions and risk management. 

Babyscripts' maternal mental health monitoring, myMentalHealth, prompts patients to assess their mental state through risk surveys delivered via the mobile app. Based on patient responses, providers and care team are alerted to patient risk and patients are connected to necessary resources. In addition to intelligent mental health reporting features, patients have access to mental health education information and exercises for mindfulness and meditation. 

The third tier brings the insurer into the equation in a collaboration between care team and payer focused on population health, solving some of the structural issues of care coordination and access to care, improving outcomes while reducing cost. Payers sponsor the cost of Babyscripts for their members at participating hospitals to identify pregnancy earlier, detect risk faster, connect members to local resources, and reduce poor outcomes like C-sections and preterm birth, among other risks. Checklists delivered in the app keep members engaged and allow providers to track compliance with certain quality measures.

Babyscripts partnered with GW-MFA and others in a number of research projects, with results published in ACOG’s Green Journal and JMIR, validating the effectiveness of reduced in-person visits for prenatal care, better management of weight and blood pressure complications, improving compliance and adherence to HEDIS measures, and reducing rates of readmission in the postpartum period through remote monitoring. The results from many of these studies have been referenced in several new publications related to COVID-19, as health systems have been forced to transition care outside of the clinic and rethink the traditional prenatal care model.

Babyscripts' patient-centric solution extends care outside the four walls of the office, making personalized healthcare education, risk-stratified remote monitoring, and real-time virtual triage as readily accessible as the smartphone, responding to mothers’ needs for accessibility and convenience. Babyscripts has deeply engaged this patient population, with 92% of users saying that they would recommend the solution to their friends.

Babyscripts' vision for improving care has always been driven and amplified by clinicians: strategic partners like George Washington Medical Faculty Associates, Cone Health System, and Advocate Aurora Healthcare, among others. These partnerships are essential to Babyscripts' project of creating solutions for patients with and for clinicians.

Babyscripts alone is aimed at and connected to obstetrical providers to create more engagement, detection and efficiency in treating their patients. Babyscripts is the only digital platform that gives the provider and payer the ability to monitor both behavioral compliance and physical vital signs between visits, to identify adverse trends in real-time and lower the cost of care. The ability to integrate Babyscripts into the Medical Record and clinical workflow is one of its most important value-adds, allowing providers to offer comprehensive virtual care and payers to deliver “next generation” care coordination.

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Use cases


Babyscripts is appropriate for pregnant and postpartum mothers of any risk category. Through a digital education layer delivered via a mobile app and connected devices that communicate biometric, mental health, and sociological data back to the provider, Babyscripts targets issues such as preeclampsia, weight gain, hypertension, mental health, and social barriers such as access to care.

COVID-19 use cases:

Babyscripts Virtual Maternity Care solution can be implemented to help educate and monitor women throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey, keeping them out of the clinic when they do not need to be there.

Pediatric use cases:

Babyscripts offers postpartum support up through one year post-childbirth.


OBGYNS, midwives, RNs, payers, social workers, care managers, case managers, primary care deliver our solution to pregnant and postpartum patients/members.


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
  1. Babyscripts has exclusively licensed best-in-class protocols that allow the company to make categorical claims in the market around efficacy and outcomes.
  2. The Babyscripts solution has been clinically-validated through peer reviewed research and case studies proving efficacy in schedule optimization, patient engagement, and other outcomes.
  3. Babyscripts has a wealth of its own IP in managing patients remotely (like maintaining compliance) and in detecting and triaging abnormal data points to reduce false positives and elevate real problems.
  4. While some health systems might invest in specific component parts of what Babyscripts typically offers (an app or integrating data points from IOT devices back to the record), the real challenge is in scaling programs and offering the right protocol at the point of care to generate ROI. Babyscripts is the expert in remote obstetrical care and since 2014 has accumulated a wealth of collateral, assets and best practices that enable these programs to scale.
  5. Babyscripts is a scaled program that is significantly less expensive to implement and use than a health system trying to build and maintain their own program. Babyscripts represents a lower cost for health systems to develop, deploy and maintain, with the added benefit of continuous technical and customer support managed by Babyscripts.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
  1. Babyscripts offers the only clinically-validated, obstetrics-specific mobile platform that delivers educational information that aligns with a provider's care plan. While other maternity programs deliver evidence-based content, only Babyscripts allows the provider to customize their content, delivering the exact information that they want the patient to see and eliminating confusion. 
  2. Babyscripts deploys internet-enabled medical devices that directly triage information like high blood pressure back to the physician automatically in their desired workflow, a solution that no consumer app provides. Because of the connection with the provider, Babyscripts detects abnormal trends and then triages those data points directly to the provider’s office. With Babyscripts’ risk-specific modules, a provider is able to deliver different clinical experiences to patients dependent on risk. Babyscripts provides the only clinically-validated solution to focus on obstetrics. 
  3. Babyscripts is the first obstetrics-specific digital solution to connect payers and providers, improving care coordination for maternal health populations, monitoring adherence to quality measures, and improving patient engagement and outcomes. This solution helps mothers overcome barriers to care by assessing for risk, providing mothers with direct access to resources directly correlated with their identified risks.

Company information

Founded in 2014

39.8M total equity funding

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