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MediShout App is a solution provided by MediShout which was founded in 2013. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinical Communication, Provider Communication, Virtual Nursing, Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , Risk Identification & Stratification, and Coordinated Community Networks.
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MediShout uses technology to improve healthcare efficiency and the productivity of staff in hospitals. Our communication platform and app allows staff to instantly report and resolve non-clinical ward problems that would otherwise delay them, such as broken IT, missing equipment, low stock. We have been accepted by many UK hospitals and pharmacies, such as Imperial College Healthcare in London, and have proved to save time of staff whilst making hospital workflow more efficient. We are now expanding into the USA and Middle East. THE PROBLEM Healthcare resources must be better utilized to address the disparity between high patient demand and limited medical supply. Staff are the greatest resource in the health sector, yet non-clinical issues cause them significant delays meaning on average clinicians spend two-thirds of their time away from patients. Furthermore, it has been reported that a third of Nurses spend two hours daily just looking for missing equipment. Yet, there are no simply ways to report and resolve such issues that delay hospital staff and prevent them from working at their most efficient. OUR SOLUTION The MediShout app solves this problem by allowing staff to instantly report inefficiencies to the administrators who create change. Users simply select their ward, type their problem, add a photo and press send. There is a two-way communication portal so users can be kept updated on the issues they reported. We allow instant messaging and, crucially, analyze the Big-data to predict and prevent future problems. IMPACTS / BENEFITS 1) Hospitals: MediShout improves workflow such as faster patient discharges and better equipped wards can prevent medical catastrophes. The financial benefits are £15,000 per clinical area annually. 2) Staff: MediShout saves 15 minutes per staff member daily. Whereas it can take 10 minutes to call the Helpdesk, is takes 35 seconds using the app. 100% of staff approved use of the app and it can help improve morale. 3) Patients: benefit from having staff spend more time at the bedside and systems with better communication. THE OFFER This is the first digital product of its kinds to bring departments such as IT, Medical Equipment, Estates, Facilities and Stock onto one platform. Hospitals adopting MediShout get benefits in three stages. Firstly, we audit and understand the existing work flows and blocks within the hospital and make recommendations for streamlining flow. We then integrate our technology with staff and existing systems, such as the Helpdesk, instantly bringing different Departments together. Thirdly, we analyze the data and share this learning with the organization to try and prevent recurring issues and to make long-term improvements to the organization.
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