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Presence Telemedicine (COVID-19)

Presence Telemedicine (COVID-19)

Presence Telemedicine (COVID-19)

Presence Telemedicine (COVID-19)
Presence Telemedicine (COVID-19)


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The Platform: - Provides a central portal where patients can schedule a telemedicine visit with any participating provider. - Patients can look up their provider either by practice name or provider name. - They are provided a calendar of times that the physician has blocked off to provide telemedicine or phone based visits. - Physicians receive a notification of scheduled visits and have a dashboard for initiation and management of visits. Features: - Online Assessment & Qualification of patients requiring COVID screening. - Online Scheduling of COVID visits and standard office visits. - Demographic capture to identify the patient prior to the visit. - Worklist for providers to know who is scheduled and if they prefer a telemedicine or telephone based visit. - Electronic lab ordering module integrated with both LabCorp and Mako Medical. Patient - Patient accesses the website and selects their Provider - Patient inputs basic demographics (name, dob, email, and mobile phone) - If a COVID visit is requested the patient answers “criteria” questions and answers are real-time scored by the platform. - Patients are offered the schedule calendar for their Provider. - Upon selecting a date and time the patient receives by email and text a confirmation which can be printed or resides on phone. - At the scheduled time, patients launch the telemedicine session from their computer or smart device and wait for the Provider to “seat” them. Provider - Provider clicks on account activation link from e-mail and provides the days and hours they are setting aside for telemedicine visits. - Provider receives e-mail or text notification whenever a patient schedules a new visit. - Provider logs in to the dashboard to see all upcoming visits and whether they are telemedicine or telephone. - Provider initiates visit and then grants entry to the patient when they are ready for them. - Provider performs all documentation within their EHR.
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Use cases and differentiators

We have been selected by societies and lab vendors to provide this solution to their entire membership and customer base. We are able to create personalized invites for all end users in less than 24 hours from request.
This solution enables providers to serve their patients over secure telemedicine in a time of social distancing and shelter in place orders.
Physicians and Mental Health Professionals
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Company information

Founded in 2017

1.0M total equity funding

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Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

Presence Telemedicine (COVID-19) Comparisons


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