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Culturally Responsive Teletherapy

Culturally Responsive Teletherapy

Culturally Responsive Teletherapy

Culturally Responsive Teletherapy
Culturally Responsive Teletherapy


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Culturally Responsive Teletherapy is a solution provided by Henry Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Personalized wellness, Behavioral Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, Improving Engagement & Self-Management, Comprehensive Perinatal Care, and Health Equity.
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Culture First At Henry Health, we value the diverse culture of the world. Using proven methods, our therapists place your culture and life experiences at the center of your therapy. With our therapists, you can be assured that your narrative will not only be heard and acknowledged, but also put in perspective to understand your experiences. Your culture will always be honored. Evidence-Based Our therapists complete the Henry Cultural Responsiveness Training, which equips them with the skills needed to effectively address issues of race, ethnicity, class, and culture. Henry Health uses a scientifically validated tool to measure cultural responsiveness and then provide education and coaching to improve the cultural humility of therapists. Research shows that therapists whose patients perceive them as having cultural humility deliver improved therapy outcomes. Building on Best Practices The Henry Cultural Responsiveness Training is layered over clinical best practices including cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-informed care. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a widely used therapeutic technique that has lasting impact on mental health outcomes. Trauma-Informed Care ensures that you have access to a safe space to examine, process, and transcend trauma.
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