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Digital Wayfinding and Mapping

Digital Wayfinding and Mapping

Digital Wayfinding and Mapping

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Digital Wayfinding and Mapping
Digital Wayfinding and Mapping


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Digital Wayfinding and Mapping is a solution provided by Centrak which was founded in 2007. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Wayfinding, Consumer Access & Engagement, and Smart Hospitals.
It has 5 verified clients.
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Utilizing a complete patient-centric mobile application for real-time appointment reminders, in addition to a robust mapping and wayfinding platform with turn-by-turn navigation and highlighted routes, makes it easy for patients and visitors to find any office or inpatient unit within a sprawling hospital campus. Combining this solution with other location services investments reduces IT burden, enhances patient and staff satisfaction, and improves ROI. Key Benefits & Functionality: • Minimize revenue loss due to late or missed appointments • Reduce stress of navigating facility to increase patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores • Reduce time spent by staff providing directions • Seamless connectivity of indoor and outdoor environments with indoor navigation and routing across campuses, between buildings and to parking areas • Location-based push notifications • Share location with others • Interactive hospital directory with ability to customize directions, navigation and access for visitors, staff and facility management, with several layers of points of interest/pathways per user • Integration to a robust ecosystem of third-party solution providers including EMR/EHR • Enable staff to locate and navigate to assets including infusion pumps and wheelchairs
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