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Care Cost SE is a solution provided by Change Healthcare which was founded in 2007. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Search & Transparency and Digital Front Door (DFD).
It has 1 verified client.
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By providing patients with a retail-style digital shopping experience, your organization can improve patient access, provide consumer-style pricing, and increase pre-service collections at the same time. Change Healthcare’s Care Cost SE solution helps providers move patient payments to the front of the revenue cycle, before care is delivered. Shifting to pre-service payments can reduce your cost to collect— while significantly improving your patients’ care experience. Bundle Shoppable Medical Procedures: Care Cost SE uses a unique bundling technology to make medical procedures transparent, shoppable, and instantly transactable. The platform includes all services in an episode of care, which allows for seamless, behind-the-scenes payment coordination between multiple providers. At your digital storefront, patients can view details of your available procedures and shop for care just as they shop for retail goods and services. Patients can take advantage of flexible, competitive cash-pay pricing in exchange for immediate up-front payments. As procedures are bundled, their cost includes every service and fee involved in an episode of care. The result for your patients is no surprise billing. The result for your organization is earlier, less expensive self-pay collections. Offer Cost Transparency: With Care Cost SE, providers can offer patients the consumer-style pricing they want. Patients can see the true price of care before it is delivered, and can lock in pre-service pricing. Care Cost SE offers a variety of digital payment channels, including several accepted credit cards and FSA/HSA/HRA cards. Patients can even arrange financing within the tool via Care Credit. Staff can also collect point-of-service payments at the time of appointment or scheduling. Engage Patients With Automated Outreach: Care Cost SE’s campaign management tools allow you to customize the type of communication your patients receive. Automated outreach can be triggered by a variety of events, including referral orders, scheduling events, price estimates, or preventative care notifications. Like many online retailers, Care Cost SE can also automate the delivery of shopping carts. If desired, the solution can use clinical and access-related data triggers to prompt shopping cart creation and distribution among a given patient population. Support Better Patient Outcomes: Your organization can select multiple triggering events to engage your patients throughout their healthcare journey—and encourage healthy behaviors. For example, you can choose to send diabetic patients quarterly carts populated with an A1C test visit to increase patient compliance with needed testing. By leveraging automated outreach to prompt active self-care, you can help improve patient outcomes while reducing your manual processes to collect. Newly compliant patients can also contribute to an incremental increase in volume and utilization. The solution’s omni-channel communication provides your patients with timely reminders, convenient payments, and a wealth of actionable steps throughout their healthcare experience.
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