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Inpatient Medicine Workflow Solution

Inpatient Medicine Workflow Solution

Inpatient Medicine Workflow Solution

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Software that enables virtual teams to provide remote video consultations and collaborate with on site personnel to optimize care, decrease exposure risk and decrease costs in emergency departments and inpatient settings.
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Product capabilities

Intake & Virtual Waiting Room

Easy to use software integrates with existing EMRs to enable hybrid workflows that allow virtual personnel to collaborate with on-site personnel to speed intake processes and reduce ED boarding.

What is intake & virtual waiting room?

Ability to handle digital form upload & intake. Integrated symptom checking. Waiting room accessible to patients, providers, and staff. Patient/member queueing. Patient can share images or videos. Integration with connected devices for vitals collection. Patient/member contact/chatting. Content for patients to interact with in the waiting room. Notify patient when provider is ready to start visit. Tool for patient to test tech feasibility

EHR integration


Acute care EMR, Other

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:

Recommended, but not required

EMRs Supported:

Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Other

Hardware Compatibility:

Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app), Other


An inpatient workflow optimization and virtual health system, powered by a super-fast, secure, cloud-based infrastructure, that seamlessly integrates with the electronic medical record. Proven positive results across multiple use cases, including tele-hospitalist, virtual rounding, registration, discharge planning and teaching, social services and specialist consults, language interpretation, patient sitter services, and academic teaching. Traditional health care facilities have struggled with the challenge of meeting variable demand (patient arrivals) with fixed capacity (staff and space resources). Patient admissions, discharges, and needs vary significantly for any given day. This leads to overstaffed, costly scenarios as well as understaffed, stressful environments for both staff and patients alike. Additional stress is caused by the risk of infectious disease transmission as staff and patients interact with one another. The Solution: EmOpti's Inpatient Medicine Workflow Telehealth System, powered by secure, Cloud-based automated workflows The EmOpti Telehealth Platform supports multiple inpatient use cases, all improving the profitability and quality of care for hospitals. These use cases include: - Tele-Hospitalist - Virtual Rounding - Registration - Discharge Planning and Teaching - Social Services and Specialist Consults - Language Interpretation - Patient Sitter Services - Academic Teaching The addition of remote resources allows on site staffing to match fluctuating patient demands, reducing excessive staffing on slower days while also maintaining high performance on busy days. EmOpti has proven results for improving patient flow, reducing costs, increasing capacity, enabling revenue growth, and improving patient and provider satisfaction. Whether addressing observation units, med/surg inpatient floors, or behavioral health, EmOpti can help you optimize your operations.
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Use cases

Use cases include: -Tele-Hospitalist -Virtual Rounding -Registration -Discharge Planning and Teaching -Social Services and Specialist Consults -Language Interpretation -Patient Sitter Services -Academic Teaching
COVID-19 use cases:
EmOpti's software enables virtual teams to provide remote video consultations and collaborate with on site personnel to optimize care, decrease exposure risk, decrease utilization of scarce PPE supplies, and decrease costs in emergency departments and other acute care settings.
Patients, clinical staff, and providers.

Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:

None provided

Differentiators vs Competitors:

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Company information

Founded in 2015

7.4M total equity funding


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