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Twentyeight Health is a solution provided by Twentyeight Health which was founded in 2018. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous), Improving Engagement & Self-Management, Comprehensive Perinatal Care, Patient Education, and Reproductive Telemedicine.
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Our mission is to make sexual and reproductive healthcare accessible to all women. We’ve built the first comprehensive sexual & reproductive health platform to provide ongoing care and develop trusted relationships with women throughout their life journey.

Twentyeight offers sexual education, telemedicine consultations, medication delivery and ongoing care with doctors and includes services covering birth control, STIs, reproductive health, pre & postnatal care, and menopause care.

We take great pride in being the most convenient and accessible way for users to receive sexual & reproductive care. We've designed our services to be convenient, fast, accessible, and inclusive.

  1. Get a Prescription: Users fill out a quick medical questionnaire which is reviewed by a licensed physician who can write a prescription. In addition to the medical questionnaire, users have the option to schedule an audio telemedicine visit with their physician. We offer 100+ brands of pill, patch, ring, and shots to meet user needs.
  2. Receive Easy Deliveries: The user's medications or tests will be conveniently and discretely shipped to their home every 1, 3, 6, or 12 months depending on insurance coverage. We offer free fast deliveries to ensure our users receive their medications when they need them. Our customer experience team ensures incredible satisfaction, showcased by our NPS of 90 and our 82% user retention at 12-months.
  3. Message Doctor with Questions: Beyond the initial questionnaire and optional telemedicine visit, users can securely message their doctor with questions to answer any questions about their care.
  4. Medicaid and Underserved Focus: We designed our operations from the ground up to be inclusive for all women and comply with Medicaid regulations, including partnerships with Medicaid-registered physicians and a Medicaid-enabled pharmacy. Currently 50% of our users use Medicaid insurance to pay for their medications.

Together we can improve reproductive and sexual health for your members.

  • Increase access to reproductive and sexual health services, including in rural communities. 49% of our users were not using birth control prior to signing up for Twentyeight Health.
  • Improve engagement with members. We generate outstanding engagement with a Net Promoter Score of over 90.
  • Driver better patient outcomes by making it easier for patients to access preventative services. We see 82% retention at 12-months.
  • Reduce both short- & long-term costs by leveraging telemedicine and preventative services. Government-funded health plans spend $21B annually on unintended pregnancies.
  • Increase revenues through quality incentives including HEDIS measures. CMS spends $278B annually on Medicaid Managed Care.

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Use cases and differentiators

Women's health, your way.

Prescribed online, delivered to your door.

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Company information

Founded in 2018

5.1M total equity funding






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