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juli can help you to take control of your condition: all your health data together to manage your depression, bipolar disorder, asthma or something else.
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juli can help you to take control of your condition: all your health data together to manage your depression, bipolar disorder, asthma or something else. Having a chronic condition like asthma, depression or bipolar disorder means constantly worrying about getting into an episode again. There are plenty of triggers for tha and often it is not clear, whether it is your sleep, your activity/workout or the weather that drives your wellbeing. Your physician probably told you to keep a journal but monitoring all that is more work that anyone would want to invest. Actually there is no need to: you smartphone, your apple watch, your step counter, your garmin, your fitbit, they all do this work for you. juli combines all this data to give you the relevant health information at your fingertips: from monitoring your activity, heart rate or sleep, adding external data like sunshine, pollen or air pollution. Juli will also you daily a few quick questions about your condition related wellbeing. Questions like: (For asthma) Did you have to use your inhaler yesterday or did you wake up due to an episode of shortness of breath? (For depression) How are you today, how is your energy level All this data will allow you to find patterns and identify triggers that influence your asthma or depression. juli is the first start into a new you. juli’s functions in detail: TRACK YOUR WELLBEING: Gather health data collected on your smartphone or smartwatch: sleep, activity, workouts, heart rate, cycle, O2 saturation, period and much more Get real time weather forecast, pollen and air pollution precisely for where your are Track your daily situation: asthma episodes, mood, energy, medication intake - quick and easily with one touch DISCOVER TRIGGERS Visualize your situation on a daily basis, see trends and discover correlations between your wellbeing and other factors. Take control of your health situation by identifying triggers for your asthma attacks or discovering what helps when you have a depressive episode. GET REMINDERS juli makes it easier to remember to take your medicine or use your inhaler, so you can worry less and live healthier. You can keep track of your medication intake and see what impact it has on your wellbeing as a person with asthma, depression or bipolar. KEEP A JOURNAL Have a full medical record at your fingertips and add to it personal notes about what is noteworthy. The juli founders suffer from various conditions like bipolar disorder themselves. They know exactly, how it is to be at the mercy of your asthma or depression. But they are electronic wizards and thought how to make use of Apple Health, Google Fit, weather data and more for their purpose. They came up with the idea of a health tracker or journal that minimizes the effort to monitor data related to asthma or depression and has a reminder functionality for medication. More chronic conditions are soon to come as well as recommendations and goal setting. juli is all about you being the manager of your condition. You will find out how much exercise is good for your asthma, whether sunlight will help your depression or how much sleep is a warning signal for your bipolar disorder. Control is about finding out, what has an impact. With juli all your health data is conveniently kept in one place for you to find out. juli integrates with the Apple HealthKit API
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Company information

By juli

Founded in 2020

3.8M total equity funding

Select which hospital or health system you work at and see a personalized match score.

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