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Sanctuary Health Patient Education

Sanctuary Health Patient Education

Sanctuary Health Patient Education

Sanctuary Health Patient Education
Sanctuary Health Patient Education


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Sanctuary Health Patient Education is a solution provided by Sanctuary Health. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Diabetes Management, Patient Education, Care Transitions, Consumer Access & Engagement, and Improving Engagement & Self-Management.
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Sanctuary Health is a leading provider of studio-grade, masterclass-style healthcare educational content. Our videos are meticulously crafted to deliver a premium learning experience that engages and empowers patients to manage their health effectively. Our content is highly flexible and can be tailored to fit within a standardized care journey, prescribed by a physician, or delivered at the patient’s convenience. With our mobile-optimized and highly customizable format, patients can easily access our videos on any device, in any language, and at any time. Our solution is designed to help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by delivering high-quality, personalized patient education.

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Product capabilities

Accurate & Relevant

Our content is checked by physicians, edited by the on-screen physician and signed off by our chief clinical advisor. The tone is non-prescriptive, for any references to medicine findings, we flag internally for an annual review to re-shoot where appropriate.

What is accurate & relevant?
Content is accurate, in the best interest of the patient, and without commercial bias by provider, insurer, or supplier. Content is continuously updated to reflect the latest studies or findings, and reviewed by appropriate standards boards so patients feel confident in their decision-making. Content is relevant and pinpointed to meet a patient’s immediate needs.
EHR integration

Patient portal, Pop health platform, Website / public online sources
Use case dependent
Would prefer not to disclose
Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (web optimized), Mobile / Tablet (native app), Other
Use cases and differentiators

Problem: Healthcare providers speak with us when existing ways to improve patient outcomes, education and engagement aren't performing. The overall objectives are:

  • Reduce readmission rates for mild to moderate patients with chronic diseases
  • Increase ennrolment or engagement with patient populations
  • Reduce no-show rate inbetween recurring scheduled visits for certain care types
  • Reduce mental health comorbidities surrounding chronic conditions
  • Improve health literacy levels
  • Reducing nonaderance

Solution: A wide range of provider organzations adopt our platform, which offers a comprehensive library of patient education materials on managing chronic conditions, including interactive video, bitesize videos, built specifically on a nano-learning model for the purpose of equity, low literacy level and information retention.

A provider licenses our platform and either integrates it into their pre-existing patient education program, directly surfaces it via a patient portal, delivers via SMS or provides access via a whitelabel platform

Patients receive access to high-quality educational resources that help them better understand their condition and how to manage it. This leads to improved patient engagement and adherence to treatment plans.

Overall, our patient education platform provides healthcare providers with a valuable tool to improve patient outcomes, engagement and satisfaction while also demonstrating success in meeting performance metrics. We're mostly attractive to risk-bearing entities, as we tie projects to tangible metrics that matter.

  1. ACOs
  2. Ambulatory services
  3. Digital health care providers (incl. Telehealth)
  4. Telepsychiatry platforms
  5. Health systems
  6. Digital payer platforms, TPAs, employee benefits portals
  • Blank canvas integration strategy with very low barriers
  • No PHI data received, collected or stored
  • Architecture designed for a multi-use case: fee isn't for one place, fee would include video branding, whitelabel platform, via SMS outreach, sent via EHR etc.
  • The only video-first production heavy provider
  • All on-screen delivery is via a licensed clinician, typically a board-certified specialty physician
  • Raw file format possible
  • Tied licensing contracts to performance of tangible metrics, not just engagement
  • *subjective* the most invested and premium cinematic content experience available on the market, shot with, curated with and approved by physicians.
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February 22, 2023


February 22, 2023

The best quality content and a very easy development

We reviewed all the vendors and for our case, our physicians wanted to prescribe premium, educational content, as well as practical content, like meditation, inbetween CBT session appointments. Sanctuary Health was the most premium content we could find, so we moved forward with their offering.

It took a week to build it into our webapp and has had very strong engagement since we launched a few months ago. Their tech team is incredibly responsive.

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