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Avantas Smart Square®

Avantas Smart Square®


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Avantas Smart Square® is a solution provided by Avantas which was founded in 1998. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , and Dynamic Staffing & Scheduling.
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Staff love Smart Square because it’s easy to use on the go.

Managers love it because they save time, significantly reduce staffing chaos, and no longer have to barter and beg to fill open shifts.

Leadership love it because of the analytics and the value they receive by partnering with the leading innovator in healthcare workforce solutions.

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Use cases and differentiators


Not every area within a hospital or health system takes the same approach to scheduling shifts. Some do cyclic schedules, self-scheduling, on-call, etc., and some do a combination of strategies. No matter what you do, Smart Square has you covered.

  • Cyclic Scheduling: Application of repeatable patterns
  • Self-Scheduling: Selection of shifts to build core staff schedules
  • Pre-Posting: Posting and selection of open shifts requiring manager approval
  • Open Shift Management: Automated and patented open shift management and incentive program
  • On-Call Scheduling: Supports pre-scheduled on-call needs, including on-call self-scheduling
  • Rapid Shift Recruit: Text-based recruiting platform for fast-approaching shifts


Smart Square provides access to timely, actionable information. This ensures managers are empowered to spot the emergence of negative trends and make adjustments to fix the problems.

It also gives all of leadership a single source for data, or as we call it, a single version of the truth.

  • Schedule Dashboard: Allows managers to evaluate staffing outcomes and trends, helping to pinpoint opportunities for additional focus, such as overtime.
  • Financial Dashboard: Provides daily productivity outcomes, comparing actual worked hours to budgeted hours and costs for both variable and fixed hours.
  • Variance Dashboard: Blends the Schedule and Financial Dashboards, providing the reasons behind the variances between scheduled and actual hours worked, helping managers identify trends such as staff members clocking in earlier or staying later than their scheduled time.
  • Ballad Health
  • Nebraska Health
  • Penn State Health 
  • University of Kansas Health System
  • SSM Health
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Founded in 1998



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