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LifeGraph Knowledge: Care Optimization module

LifeGraph Knowledge: Care Optimization module

LifeGraph Knowledge: Care Optimization module

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LifeGraph Knowledge: Care Optimization module
LifeGraph Knowledge: Care Optimization module


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LifeGraph Knowledge: Care Optimization module is a solution provided by BurstIQ which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Clinician Burnout, Human Capital Management , Risk Identification & Stratification, Coordinated Community Networks, and Command Centers.
It has 3 verified clients.

LifeGraph Knowledge: Care Optimization module applies Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and AI to clinical notes and EMR fields for meaningful cohort comparisons. Using your organization's data, the platform helps you compare similar patients and procedures. You can quickly identify variations in care and opportunities for improvement, take actionable steps, and effectively hold individuals accountable for driving positive change.

Opportunities linked to evidence

Care Optimization leverages your data to identify opportunities for cost reduction, time savings, and improved care — and backs decisions with related journal articles, guidelines, and recommendations from professional organizations. 

The combination of practice-based evidence layered with evidence-based content creates a data story that will engage your physicians in decision-making and driving real change.

Here’s what the RIGHT data can do for your organization

Here are some of the opportunities one health system uncovered with Care Optimzation that contributed to $90M in savings. 

Cost-Efficient Supply Usage

After identifying supply usage variations that had no negative impact on outcomes, physicians standardized the most cost-efficient surgical technique.

$600 savings per case

Shortened Length of Stay

Surgeons unanimously adopted a post-surgical injection that reduced the length of stay.

$1500 savings per case

Process Efficiency

Analyzing surgical closure options led to adopting a more efficient technique that reduced costs.

$470 savings per case

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EHR integration

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Use cases and differentiators

Care Optimization: LifeGraph Knowledge Care Variation looks at data across your health system to help you find variation patterns and shows your biggest opportunities to improve care, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies. 

  • Head of Health System Service Lines
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Quality Officers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Cost Analysis Teams
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Our Cohort engine enables apples-to-apples comparisons of patients, providers, and procedures to enable more meaningful clinical analysis.

Improvement opportunities are linked to evidence to engage physicians and encourage improvement actions. 

Company information

Founded in 2015

6.5M total equity funding



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