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Mindstep is a solution provided by Mindstep. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health Integration, Behavioral Health Screening, ED-based Mental Health Interventions, ED-based SUD Interventions, and On-demand Behavioral Health.
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This AI-driven platform offers clinical assessments and digital therapy for the twelve most prevalent brain and mental health conditions, making it a powerful tool for both individual users and healthcare providers. Notably, Mindstep's clinical assessments stand out for their validated accuracy in multiple clinical trials and backed by over 15 peer-reviewed publications. Mindstep's Ai mirror the accuracy of primary care tools whilst also demonstrating higher completion rates, user-satisfaction, and time to result. The platform's end-to-end offering includes digital therapy, which has shown efficacy with 86% of users experiencing significant improvement in cognition or mood. Mindstep ranks in the top 5 healthcare apps on the AppStore with a 4.7-star rating and over 200,000 downloads. For payers, Mindstep offers an integrated, efficient, and highly accurate tool for brain health management, while consumers benefit from its accessibility and proven effectiveness in improving mental wellness.
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Use cases and differentiators

  • Dementia and Mental Health Screening in Clinical Settings: Integrates with healthcare systems for early detection and monitoring of dementia, depression, and anxiety, using smartphone-based eye movement tracking.
  • Primary Care and Specialist Referrals: Assists primary care physicians in making accurate, AI-assisted referrals to specialists for brain health conditions.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Enables continuous patient monitoring and management, particularly valuable for populations with limited access to neurology specialists.
  • Health Insurance and Payer Programs: Offers cost-effective, early diagnostic tools for health insurance companies to improve patient outcomes and manage costs.
  • Concussion Management for Athletes: Provides sports organizations and athletes with tools for early detection and management of concussion symptoms, enhancing safety and health in sports environments.
  • Healthcare Providers: Ideal for doctors and specialists in neurology, psychiatry, and primary care for enhanced diagnosis and patient management.
  • Sports Organizations and Athletes: Useful for sports medicine professionals and athletes for monitoring and managing concussion symptoms.
  • Healthcare Systems and Hospitals: Beneficial for systems facing resource constraints, aiding in efficient patient management.
  • Health Insurance Companies: Valuable for insurers seeking cost-effective diagnostic tools to improve care and control expenditures.
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