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Ready Set Recover is a solution provided by Ready Set Recover. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Behavioral Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, Health Coaching, Peer Support Services, Patient Education, and Personalized wellness.
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Use cases and differentiators

Pre-Surgery Anxiety Reduction: An individual awaiting surgery uses Ready Set Recover to access techniques and daily actions aimed at reducing anxiety and stress, ensuring they approach their surgery date feeling mentally prepared and more at ease.

Pre-surgical patients

When comparing Ready Set Recover to Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology, the differentiators lie in the focus, functionality, and user experience:

1. **Personal Empowerment vs. Clinical Documentation**: Ready Set Recover centers on empowering the patient through their surgical journey with stress-reduction techniques, daily engagement activities, and emotional support. In contrast, EHR technology is designed for clinicians to document, store, and manage patient health information, focusing on the clinical and administrative aspects of patient care.

2. **Non-Clinical Guidance**: Ready Set Recover provides non-clinical guidance and resources to help patients prepare for and recover from surgery, aiming to complement the medical care provided by healthcare professionals. This approach helps take some of the burdens off medical teams by fostering patient independence and self-management.

3. **Enhancing Patient Experience**: The program is dedicated to enhancing the patient experience by making patients feel supported, understood, and less stressed. This focus on the human side of healthcare contrasts with EHR systems, which are primarily tools for healthcare providers to improve efficiency, track patient data, and ensure continuity of care.

4. **Community and Support Networks**: Ready Set Recover facilitates the creation of support networks, offering a platform for patients to connect with others going through similar experiences. This feature is distinct from EHR systems, which do not typically provide mechanisms for patient-to-patient interaction or community building.

5. **Complement to Clinical Care**: While EHR technology is an essential backbone for modern healthcare delivery, providing crucial data and analytics to healthcare providers, Ready Set Recover acts as a complement to this technology by addressing the emotional and practical needs of patients outside the clinical setting.

In summary, Ready Set Recover differentiates itself from EHR technology by focusing on patient empowerment, non-clinical support, and the overall patient experience, aiming to improve satisfaction and outcomes by addressing the needs that extend beyond clinical care.

Ready Set Recover sets itself apart by offering an intentionally non-clinical approach to surgery preparation and recovery, complementing the clinical care provided by medical professionals. By focusing on stress reduction, patient engagement, and emotional support, the program empowers individuals to actively participate in their recovery journey. This unique approach alleviates some of the burdens on healthcare providers, allowing doctors to concentrate on delivering the best clinical outcomes while Ready Set Recover takes care of the human side of healing.

The platform's emphasis on reducing pre- and post-surgery anxiety not only creates more compliant and proactive patients but also fosters a sense of being supported throughout the process. This enhanced patient experience contributes to higher satisfaction levels, which are increasingly recognized as integral to successful surgical outcomes. By bridging the gap between clinical care and personal well-being, Ready Set Recover plays a crucial role in improving overall recovery experiences, potentially leading to better health outcomes and a more positive outlook on the healthcare journey.

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