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Kyruus Connect is a solution provided by Kyruus Health which was founded in 2010. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Provider Search, Scheduling, Consumer Access & Engagement, Digital Front Door (DFD), Provider Directory, Personalized Care, Customer Service, and Patient Flow.
It has 26 verified clients.
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Transform your health system’s inconsistent and disparate data into a single, unified source of information that can power endless possibilities. With hundreds or thousands of staff and affiliated physicians, health systems have valuable provider data stored across various EHRs, credentialing, and content management systems—a siloed and messy experience that prevents it from being properly leveraged. 

Kyruus Connect helps unify and optmize all of this disparate data to create a single, organized data source. This robust foundation can power seamless and efficient experiences including chatbots, reporting tools, search and scheduling experiences and more. 

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In competitive evaluations, Kyruus Connect is chosen for its differentiating factors including:

- Includes our proprietary clinical library, which represents more than 25,000 search terms and 500 specialties. The Clinical Library powers the Smart Search engine to enable precise routing to ensure not only better capacity utilization, but also the right kind of utilization.

- Powers multi-channel patient access solutions.Kyruus Connect is the only provider data management solution on the market today that powers patient search and scheduling across all points of access (e.g. call centers, practice-to-practice referrals, health system and third party websites, and mobile apps).

- Ingests availability data. Kyruus Connect integrates with leading practice management systems (e.g. Epic, Centricity Business Solutions, athena, & Cerner) to enable users to search across the network for providers based on availability and schedule appointments directly into the underlying EHR. What's more, our solution provides novel data at the intersection of providers, locations where they practice, and their availability.

- Provides the provider engagement tools and data governance workflows to ensure provider data remains fresh and is kept up-to-date long-term.

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Founded in 2010

155.0M total equity funding



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March 28, 2023


March 28, 2023

An immediate increase in self-scheduling appointments

KyruusOne has been really good and I would give it five stars. The ease of use, features, and customer support were all excellent, but the integration took a little bit more work than we originally thought it would. We use KyruusOne and it helped us immediately increase self-scheduling for appointments. Overall, I am very satisfied with Kyruus and would highly recommend it to others looking for a reliable tool to improve self-scheduling appointments. 

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user image

Adam Artel

Team Leader Digital Strategy, Internal consultant working with Kyruus Connect at Bellin Health



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