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Healthwise for Care Coordination

Healthwise for Care Coordination

Healthwise for Care Coordination

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Healthwise for Care Coordination
Healthwise for Care Coordination


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Healthwise for Care Coordination is a solution provided by Healthwise which was founded in 1975. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Care Transitions and Consumer Access & Engagement.
It has 3 verified clients.
Healthwise for Care Coordination integrates with major EMRs such as Epic, Cerner.
Some other resource(s) that may be helpful in learning about Healthwise for Care Coordination include: Q&A with Adam Husney of Healthwise: Patient education with a mission and Top Patient Education Companies Report | 2023
Healthwise for Care Coordination uses the patient education, technology, and tools that have proven successful for leading health plans and care management organizations. It connects care coordinators, health coaches, and care navigators to a single, trusted source of health education to strengthen patient relationships with targeted interactions. SMART® on FHIR® integration with the most popular electronic health records (like Epic and Cerner) and population health management platforms lets care teams select, personalize, and deliver education within their workflow. Care teams can choose from engaging videos, easy-to-understand articles, illustrative images, and interactive decision aids to prepare for calls with patients, provide telemedicine services, or send reinforcing follow-up information. Patients can get education in print or via email or the patient portal. One-to-many automated campaigns can be built for population-level outreach. Robust analytics provide insight into patient, clinician, and population-level engagement with education materials, the impact of education programs, and areas for improvement.
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EHR integration

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Epic, Cerner
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Use cases and differentiators

Differentiators vs Internal Options:

Designed for Efficiency

It’s frustrating to go from system to system and platform to platform. Simplify and streamline the care coordinator workflow with health education that integrates with your care coordination platform from a single desktop.

From Chaos to Clarity

Ensure consistency and boost productivity by connecting care coordinators to a single, trusted source of health information. Whether care coordinators are looking for health education to prep for a call, use during an appointment, or send as a follow-up, we’ve got every care moment covered.

Content Your Way

Customize your content according to strategic initiatives and organize content around the conditions important to your organization. Deliver a consistent education experience from your care coordinators to clinics.

Clinical care

Powerfully Personalized

People want content that makes them feel they aren’t part of a mass cookie-cutter approach, but an individualized one. Create a more relevant, compelling experience that encourages people to take charge of their health by providing patients with health education tailored to their specific needs.

Empowering Content

From visionary videos to words that work, we provide easy-to-understand, relevant, compelling content that meets the ever-growing needs of today’s patients. And our agile content delivery approach ensures up-to-date health information.

Unlimited Access

Limitations disappear as patients get convenient access to health education in the clinic, around the corner, and across the world. Their personal, secure health portal is available on any device, at any time.undefined

Better Engagements Driven by Powerful Insights

Healthwise gives the care team the answers and insights they need to work smarter, deepen patient relationships, and deliver better results. Guide the next step in the care plan and target inventions by tracking and understanding patient activity. Population-wide reports and dashboards give you a bird’s-eye view into patient progress and how care coordinators are performing with patient education.

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Founded in 1975



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