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Trace is a solution provided by Vyne Medical which was founded in 1997. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Customer Service, Improving Engagement & Self-Management, Conversational & Visual Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Vyne Medical's Trace solution provides convenient access to critical healthcare data including voice, fax and image files and is proven to help improve hospital financial performance, physician/staff alignment, patient experience, compliance, and patient safety/quality.
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Use cases and differentiators

Vyne Medical's Trace solution provides voice and face-to-face recording that helps to prevent and overturn denials, increase point of service (POS) collections, improve the patient experience , enable work-from-home, and streamline orders management.
Trace services a number of pediatric and children's hospitals
CFO, CIO, PFS, Patient Financial Services, Patient Access, Revenue Cycle, Registration, Contact Center, IT, Communications, Operations, Admitting, Quality Assurance, Patient Experience
The Trace solution from Vyne Medical consolidates content from a multitude of mediums including voice, fax and images. Content is centralized, searchable, and easily accessible by patient ID, document type, or any custom field created for indexing, reporting, and business intelligence. The highly-integrated Trace solution interfaces seamlessly with existing systems and provides the healthcare-specific tools needed to help teams achieve predictable performance excellence. The Trace platform integrates with all major EMRs and HIS platforms to quickly send and receive content, images and voice file links between systems. Options include direct file transfer and content links through either a cold feed or HL7.
Trace is a healthcare-specific solution that collects communication data from various formats into one central repository indexed to the patient.
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