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Connected Health Platform

Connected Health Platform

Connected Health Platform

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b.well offers unprecedented data interoperability and an intuitive front-end experience that enables hyper-personalization at scale.

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EHR integration


Acute care EMR, Patient portal, ADT, Access +/or revenue cycle

EMR Integration & Relevant Hardware:


EMRs Supported:

Allscripts, athena, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, GE, Meditech, NextGen

Hardware Compatibility:

Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (native app), Other

In Epic App Orchard:


b.well Connected Health combines real-time data technology with open, secure standards to help businesses achieve digital transformation and disruption. The platform offers unprecedented data interoperability and an intuitive front-end experience that enables hyper-personalization at scale. With b.well, health systems can aggregate data from traditionally siloed systems, provide insights into opportunities in real-time, deploy algorithm-based interventions based on consumer preference, and configure a white branded front-end experience. Our goal is to improve overall health outcomes through engagement, education, and empowerment by providing actionable intelligence that meets the individual needs of consumers.

We work with our customers to understand their existing internal systems, define their roadmap and manage the digital transformation journey from start to finish. As a result, health systems have a clear roadmap that helps them meet their goal of delivering better outcomes and greater value to consumers-- ensuring a lifetime of loyalty between customers and the families they serve.

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Use cases


With b.well, Healthcare Organizations can: 

  • Increased administrative efficiency: Alleviate pressure on existing staff by empowering consumer self-service through streamlined access to their information and digital front door tools
  • Consumer Utilization: Accelerated, innovative efforts to meet consumer needs by delivering interventions based on individual preferences and channels.
  • Accretive revenue capture: Address clinical and business use cases with real-time, accurate insights combined with a collaborative network approach.
COVID-19 use cases:

b.well has launched a COVID-19 lite solution that addresses the greatest needs of our healthcare system today including, the need to triage, provide virtual care, remote patient monitor, deliver timely fact-based information and allow consumers to monitor loved ones from afar. The time is now to empower people with access to their own healthcare data as we fight this global pandemic together. This digital health platform is free for 90 days and can be deployed in your brand in under 30 days.

Pediatric use cases:

b.well is a configurable platform that enables our customers to utilize their own expertise to populate the consumer experience. Our base product contains pediatric algorithms utilizing published evidence-based medicine guidelines and content. For customers who need assistance or who delegate certain areas to us, b.well has a leading digital health MD on our board of directors and regularly pulls subject matter experts from our advisory board to support various segments of our application. Additionally, we license reputable knowledge sources for content such as Kids Health, a leading content provider to health systems for pediatric topics.


Patients, families 


Differentiators vs EHR Functionality:
The most common use case we see with health systems is to replace their patient portal and create a digital front door solution that is truly centered around the user, focuses on interoperability, risk management, population health and patient acquisition and loyalty. The second use case is to grow and acquire patients through competitive advantage. This use case offers a very attractive digital front door experience to the community and puts bells and whistles in front of the login to attract new patients, connecting their CIN and driving referrals. The last use case is for health systems to transform completely into a population health organization. One that shares in risk in their service areas, creating employer solutions whereby they take on the full risk of the population with direct risk sharing contracts.
Differentiators vs Competitors:
Digital front door competitors currently consist of EMRs and other triage and telehealth organizations. Our platform integrates those components and supports a enables a comprehensive digital front door strategy. The front end consumer experienceI(base product functionality) includes five key pillars that best describes the differentiating factors of our solution 1) All of a user's health data easily connected in one place 2) Turning that data into personalized recommendations and education in our gamification journey that incents and motivates users to see their progress and move the needle 3) Curating and serving up to users a program or service (integrated third party service) that is beneficial and relevant to them vs. creating marketplaces where we expect users to go inquire and sign up on their own 4) Allowing users to share their data at whatever level they wish and invite people into their Health Tribe and 5) Helping users understand the financial aspects of who pays, and how to better manage and plan for healthcare expenses.
Company information

Founded in 2015

58.7M total equity funding


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