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b.well Connected Health Platform

b.well Connected Health Platform

b.well Connected Health Platform

b.well Connected Health Platform
b.well Connected Health Platform


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b.well Connected Health Platform is a solution provided by b.well Connected Health which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Scheduling, Consumer Access & Engagement, Personalized Care, Customer Service, Digital Front Door (DFD), Patient Flow, and Interoperability.
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b.well Connected Health Platform integrates with major EMRs such as Allscripts, athena, and Cerner.
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b.well promotes streamlined access to services through a unified consumer experience, accelerates the transition to value-based care, and reinforces the expansion of hybrid care models. As a result, b.well enables precision-driven targeted campaigns that achieve an impressive 80% average success rate in enhancing health outcomes for high-risk populations.

The company's distinctive, consumer-centric approach sets them apart, addressing data fragmentation challenges while fostering trust and inspiring enduring loyalty between clients and the families they serve.

To learn more about their approach and product capabilities, visit https://www.icanbwell.com/ and follow @icanbwell on Twitter

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EHR integration

Acute care EMR, Patient portal, ADT, Access +/or revenue cycle
Allscripts, athena, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, Epic, GE, Meditech, NextGen
Desktop, Mobile / Tablet (native app), Other
Use cases and differentiators

With b.well, Healthcare Organizations can achieve: 

  • Increased administrative efficiency: Alleviate pressure on existing staff by empowering consumer self-service through streamlined access to their information and digital front door tools
  • Consumer Utilization: Accelerated, innovative efforts to meet consumer needs by delivering interventions based on individual preferences and channels.
  • Accretive revenue capture: Address clinical and business use cases with real-time, accurate insights combined with a collaborative network approach.

b.well is a configurable platform that enables our customers to utilize their own expertise to populate the consumer experience. Our base product contains pediatric algorithms utilizing published evidence-based medicine guidelines and content. For customers who need assistance or who delegate certain areas to us, b.well has a leading digital health MD on our board of directors and regularly pulls subject matter experts from our advisory board to support various segments of our application. Additionally, we license reputable knowledge sources for content such as Kids Health, a leading content provider to health systems for pediatric topics.

Payers, providers, retail pharmacies, employers, consumers

b.well Connected Health distinguishes itself from traditional EHRs by centering on a unified consumer experience, facilitating health systems' progression towards value-based care, and adopting hybrid care models. This unique approach fosters lifelong loyalty between organizations and their communities. b.well's integration of Longitudinal Health Data, encompassing HIPAA-compliant claims, and PROA insights, is remarkable. Utilizing an optimized FHIR server, b.well delivers fast, cost-effective scalability and performance. It simplifies data conversion with pre-built FHIR mapping and refinement tools while providing real-time data streaming for flexible integration.

b.well's tag-based FHIR security mode enhances customer trust through explicit consent and preference gathering, and its efficient identity management system ensures secure user data access. In addition, personalized communication is enabled through machine learning analyses of health records and preferences, and Natural Language Processing is utilized for user-friendly care searches. b.well also customizes care access protocols and employs FHIR-based dynamic questions to streamline data collection, improving care coordination. Finally, advanced clinical rules (CQL) enhance quality measure accuracy, flexibility, and interoperability, reflecting b.well's commitment to transforming population health.

Consumers, especially in the digital era, primarily expect two things from healthcare: prompt accessibility (the digital front door) and anticipatory communication about their health needs.

The notion of having timely access to services emphasizes a simplified and efficient healthcare experience. However, this sector remains fragmented for consumers, who anticipate an experience similar to travel booking. The digital front door encapsulates consumers' expectations for digital, convenient healthcare access that suits their lifestyle, such as online scheduling and automated pre-check-in processes.

Yet, digital front door solutions largely overlook the anticipatory aspect of understanding and meeting consumer needs. Many people are unaware of the exact timings for routine health procedures like tetanus boosters. This lack of awareness is not due to disinterest but due to the absence of the necessary tools that enable proactive health management. With access to consumer data, healthcare providers can automate proactive communication, reminding individuals about their need for health screenings, vaccinations, or disease-specific tests, like the A1C for those with diabetes.

Consumers can follow basic prompts if alerted about their healthcare needs, and these reminders should be delivered to the family member most likely to arrange appointments. We can promote improved health outcomes and preventive care by offering timely, relevant communication.

Company information

Founded in 2015

58.7M total equity funding


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February 15, 2024


February 15, 2024

A convenient, connected patient experience

“b.well Connected Health's vision is very much aligned with ThedaCare by empowering each person to improve their health and well-being by transforming the way they engage in their own unique healthcare journey. ThedaCare is reinventing health care by being a proactive partner in health, which means a transition to value-based care and away from the traditional fee-for-service model, leading to an overall increase in wellness visits, predictive screenings and telemedicine, as well as a decrease in non-emergent ED visits. ThedaCare's partnership with b.well is helping move our vision into reality. Providing a convenient, connected patient experience helps us better predict, prevent illness and create value in everything we do.”

- Dr. Andrabi, President and CEO of ThedaCare

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Dr. Imran Amjad Andrabi

President and CEO, Executive sponsor working with b.well Connected Health Platform at ThedaCare, Inc.
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