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Listening Mode is a solution provided by Syllable Corp which was founded in 2016. It belongs to the digital health solution Command Centers.
It has 6 verified clients.
Listening Mode integrates with major EMRs such as Not applicable.
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“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” - Peter Drucker.
Typical call center reporting packages capture the caller's journey only through the brief call center encounter. A caller's journey, however, is much more than the experience in the call center. Most callers:

  • Spend signficant time on hold
  • Get transferred up to 4 times before getting to the correct destination
  • Get their needs resolved only 40% of the time
  • Experience an inconsistent experience over time

Your call center statistics miss all of the actionable insights from the rest of your caller journey.

To help you better understand the typical caller experience, Syllable created Listening Mode. Listening Mode attaches our AI to every phone call coming into your call center. Our AI follows the call from first answer, over multiple transfers, and until the caller terminates the call. As a result, Listening Mode can provide actinable insights derived from:

  • True call times
  • Resolution rates
  • Broken IVRs and extensions
  • Departmental performance on the phone
  • Intent (the actual reason a person is calling)
  • Satisfactory and unsatisfactory human performance

From this report we can help you understand exactly where our conversational AI-based Patient Assistants can help.

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Use cases and differentiators

Diagnostic assessment of current telephone system performance from the caller's perspective.

Same as adult

Health system executives

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  1. We provide full, end-to-end visibility to the caller journey at your health system or practice.
  2. Simple call forwarding telephony integration
  3. Deploys quickly
  4. Not only provides statistical analysis of call performance but also provides detailed insight into caller experience, intent, resolution, overall phone system health and departmental performance.
Company information

Founded in 2016

82.0M total equity funding



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