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Cricket Health Solution


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Cricket Health Solution is a solution provided by Cricket Health which was founded in 2015. It belongs to multiple categories of digital health solutions including Digital Front Door (DFD), Virtual Health, On-demand Behavioral Health, and Virtual Visits (Synchronous + Asynchronous).
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Cricket Health offers comprehensive technology-enabled kidney care that focuses on the early detection and management of chronic kidney disease, with the explicit goal of delaying disease progression, increasing alternative treatment options (including home dialysis), and reducing preventable hospitalizations for its members. Our core service offering is optimized for kidney disease patients and includes: the MyCricket™ multi-modal platform that meets patients where they are in their kidney journey and connects them to their own multi-disciplinary care team, robust and longitudinal peer-to-peer support via the largest kidney patient community in the nation, educational content to enable decision support and support disease management, personalized care plans, remote patient monitoring and in-home care. This service is flanked by our StageSmart™ predictive analytics suite which enables our team to identify patients who are undiagnosed, underdiagnosed and at risk of hospitalization with highly precise levels of accuracy.
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Use cases and differentiators

The Cricket Health solution is designed to engage CKD/ESKD patients. The main use case is slowing the progression of kidney disease by way of early detection, risk stratification and high-touch care management.

Patients living with kidney disease (or at risk for kidney disease) are the end-users of the Cricket Health solution.

Cricket Health is specialized care for patients living with kidney disease. Today, we act as the eyes and ears on the ground for nephrologists and PCPs -- extending their reach and supporting patients in between appointments to drive the best outcomes. We provide patients with a highly specialized multidisciplinary care team (includes a peer mentor, someone who has lived with kidney disease, a renal pharmacist, a dedicated dietitian and a social worker), which is a layer that most health systems and ACOs cannot provide today given the nuances of this complex disease

Please contact our Growth team for more details on what sets Cricket Health apart from competitors in the market: sales@crickethealth.com

Company information

Founded in 2015

111.1M total equity funding



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Personal Stories from Cricket Health Members. This is Sandy Mayuga’s Story.


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